Young Girl And Red Punching Bags And Mitts, Boxing & FitnessIf you love a beautiful roundhouse kick and want a fun and active way to stay fit, then Kickboxing is the way to go. First created in Japan back in 1960, this sport of combining stand up combat, kicks and punches was formed using classical martial arts such as Karate, Muay Thai and western boxing. In the late 1970’s it was adopted by the United States and is a big part of what we call “Mixed Martial Arts” in today’s sport. Shift your focus ahead a few years and kickboxing started to make a name for itself in the health and fitness industry.

Billy Blanks

Billy Blanks

Anyone who knows about kickboxing has to remember Billy Blanks. In the late 1990’s, Tae Bo became a powerhouse in workout routines. Ever since, this form of cardio workout has helped countless individuals burn fat, stay lean and enjoy a great physical workout. So how can I get into shape using kickboxing? Well that my friend is why we are here.

Top 7 Kickboxing Workouts

  • Tae Bo – It wouldn’t be fair to not include the founder of this great sport and workout activity. So first on my list is Billy Blank’s very own Tae Bo Workout. This workout combines the traditional movement styles of kickboxing, combined with timed workouts to focus on building muscle, perfecting balance, flexibility and coordination.
  • Kickboxing Basics – Similar to Tae Bo, this routine was first showcased in Fitness Magazine as the best starter program in today’s market. Focusing on stances to build leg and core strength, punches to work the arms and back and various kicks to maintain your center of gravity, this beginners guide is bound to give results.
  • Ab Shaping Routine – Created by Guillermo Gomez, a killer fourth degree black belt, this program focuses on your core and shaping your abdomen from top to bottom. Ab Shaping Routine combines movement exercises with multiple reps to burn fat and build core strength. Routines such as the bob and weave circle, crunch knee, and crescent kick can all be expected during this workout! Knee Hit From Kickbox Young Woman
  • 400 Calorie Burner – Another high intensity cardio workout is the 400 Calorie Burner created to focus your energy into burning the most calories possible in a short amount of time. You can expect that within minutes of this routine, your heart rate will be racing! It is estimated that one can burn 10-15 calories a minute using this routine, so next time you want a great workout and don’t have a much time to spare, check out this monster.
  • Cardio Intense – Jessica Smith, a certified kickboxing instructor and fitness guru, created this workout for people looking to get fit and sweat! Not for the faint of heart, cardio intense is a high intensity program that focuses in on every single muscle in your body. With routines such as speed bag and shuffle, to back kick and knee strike, you will have your body screaming in no time as it burns calories and builds strength.

Working out has always been something you have to truly enjoy in order to commit. Finding the right routine, facility and trainer or group of friends, are all key components in a healthy, consistent and rewarding exercise regime. With so many different workout options, including kickboxing and cardio circuits, you are bound to find a style that works for you. Also, remember kickboxing was derived from martial arts making it a perfect workout when it pertains to self defense. Women in a boxing class training high kickSo the next time you are thinking about shedding some weight, toning up or simply want to boost your energy levels, check your local gym for the next kickboxing class and see what this modern day phenomenon can do for you.