My first time in Maine was definitely one to remember. It was the first time that I saw an entire mountain covered in blueberries.Sign For Fresh Maine Lobster It was the first time I tried lobster. It was the first time I enjoyed a winter solstice festival with friends and family. But if you have not had the leisure of visiting Maine, then here are a few pointers top keep in mind.

Summer Trips

Maine summer temperatures are only a high of about 79 degrees, while the nights can drop down to mid to low 50’s. Needless to say, if you are visiting Maine in the summer, chances are you still need a jacket! I remember going out on a kayak and my friend telling me, whatever you do, don’t tip over because you will get hypothermia in a few minutes! Not all of Maine’s activities require a risk to your life however, and there are great places to visit when driving through Maine.

  • Acadia National Park – With 47,000 acres of pristine landscape, you can find countless trails to hike, camping sites, wildlife watching and more. One thing to keep in mind when planning a hike is to pay close attention to the difficulty indicators. If you are planning to hike an expert trail, expect to be hanging off branches and steep terrain. I accidentally opted in for a more advanced trail and quickly realized I was in over my head, so plan accordingly and take the safer route if in doubt. acadia/planyourvisit/index.htm
  • Route 27 Scenic Byway – This one is definitely another summer trip because most of the winter season this byway is closed due to weather and snow. So if you are planning a “road trip” while in Maine, be sure you are going during the warmer months to ensure that your passages are open. visitmaine/route27byway.htm
  • Lighthouses Galore – Maine has miles of coastline and you can spend days traveling up and down the coast visiting all the different lighthouses in the area. From historical markers, to modern day working lighthouses, Maine boasts more than 60 lighthouses and promises visitors a delightful and unique experience.

Winter Trips

If you are looking for an extreme winter wonderland, then Maine is one of the best areas in the U.S.. Winter months can vary, but the average winter day temperature is a blistering 28 degrees. Dipping down into the low teens during night, Maine winters are no joke.
With anywhere from 70 to 110 inches of snowfall each year depending on location, you can be sure that your winter wonderland won’t disappoint.

  • Snow Sledding – Have you ever wanted to harness the power of well-trained Alaskan Huskies and sled your way through the rustic terrain of winter? Well if so, then Maine offers a great opportunity to mark this off your bucket list!
  • Skiing – Who doesn’t love a fresh powder mountain that has been untouched and ready for you to tame? Maine has countless of skiing lodges in the area making this winter destination one of the top in the country.
  • Ice Fishing – For those dedicated anglers looking to add a different experience to their day to day fishing, then ice fishing is another great way to spend your day out on the ice enjoying the winter months of Maine. There are countless fishing guides available to provide you with the right equipment and safety precautions to make your next ice fishing adventure fun, safe and warm.

Maine was a unique experience for me because of the natural beauty it offered, the countless mountain ranges, endless coastline, and unique friendliness of full year residents. If you are looking for a great place to visit while taking in the awe inspiring landscape of what our country has to offer, then Maine is the perfect destination.