Many people find themselves grooming their nails on a daily basis, others tend to only pay attention once they have noticed a whole in their favorite sock. No matter how often you take the time to groom your nails, understanding the health of your nail and how it relates to your overall body’s well being is an important and often overlooked activity.

Did you know that your nail can tell you if your body is suffering from a deficiency, to skin disease, and even autoimmune diseases that can cause hair loss.
If your intrigued by the thought that your nails are trying to tell you something, then our nail tips are going to blow you away.

The Club

Nail clubbing is known for the curving of your fingernails around your enlarged finger and typically occurs over a course of years. If you are noticing that your fingernails are beginning to curve then that could be a result in low oxygen to your body. This can also indicate that you are suffering from lung disease, bowel disease and other cardiovascular complications.

Spoon Nails

Spool nails are defined by the “spoon like” upper curving of your nails. This scooped out look, is commonly associated with iron deficiency, or liver disease. If your body is not absorbing enough iron, then this tell tale sign can be an indicator that you need to speak with your doctor about your diet and iron intake.

Terry’s Nails

While Terry’s Nails can be part of the natural aging process, it can also be a sign of serious health issues including liver disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes. If your fingernails are completely white in all areas except for a small pink band at the tip of your nail, then it is recommended that you speak to your doctor to make sure you are just aging normally, or need to adjust your lifestyle.

Beau’s Lines

Beau’s lines are small indentations, usually located mid nail, and can be associated with uncontrolled diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, scarlet fever, and the measles. If you are noticing that your fingernails are beginning to show signs of Beau’s lines, then visit your doctor to find out if you are suffering from any of the associated risks.


Otherwise known as the loosening of your nail, Onycholysis often indicates an infection, thyroid disease and psoriasis. If you are struggling with a weak and loosened nail, a white, yellow, or green tinge, then speak to your local physician about your health. Infections can often times go unnoticed, and if not treated cause additional complications, so take the time to get a check up if you are worried that you may have an infection.

Yellow Nail

If you are suffering from a slow growing, hardened yellow nail, then this can indicate that your body is suffering from chronic bronchitis or lymphedema. Yellow nails are not always a sign of such medical issues, but if you have always had healthy beautiful nails and are noticing that your nails are not growing as fast and are beginning to harden in a yellow color, then it is recommended to get a physical checkup.
While not all nail forms point to a serious health risk, it is always important to understand the natural signs that our bodies give us when it comes to our well being. So the next time you are polishing your nails, clipping or trimming, take a moment and explore your nails to make sure you are not showing any of the known signs of potential health risk. It is never too late to start listening to your body and working with your doctor if you are worried about your overall health.