You probably know that the quickest way to get longer hair is by using hair extensions. Now there is a beauty treatment that is exactly like hair extensions, only for your eyelashes. Sounds amazing right? Extra show stopping lashes that don’t require any product at all can be a reality. Lash extensions are the latest way to get those long, gorgeous lashes that will halt traffic, or at least will make you bat your eyelashes in the mirror just a little bit longer. lash3 If you are craving a full lash look without faux lashes or gobs of mascara, then lash extensions might be something to look into. Should you go for it? Here are some other things to know about lash extensions before you sign up for the service.

They Aren’t Cheap

If you find some bargain basement deal on lash extensions, you should run the other way. The reason they are so pricey is that the person applying them must be specially trained with an esthetician license. So going to a reputable salon to get them is the best idea. Make sure your technician isn’t new to this service either. This is your eye area and it must be treated with extra special care. Usually lash extensions for both eyes will cost around $250-600, depending on where you live. Be suspicious if you see them offered for less than that.

It Takes a Couple Of Hours At Least

This is not a fast service. Be prepared to sit in the chair, head back, eyes close for a couple of hours at least. lash2Do you have the patience for that? More than likely it’s probably going to take three hours. If you find that being awake for that long with your eyes closed is difficult or claustrophobic, then you might not be a good candidate for this service. You have to relax as much as possible. When you’re anxious, your eyelashes are going to naturally flutter and the technician will have a harder time applying the extensions.

Better For Side and Back Sleepers

The lash extensions are meant to last three to four weeks, but you have to be super careful with them. If you are one of those people that sleeps on their tummy with your face mashed into your pillow, you are going to want to stop that.  lash5Otherwise you’ll end up with mangled lash extensions in the morning. It’s best to sleep on your side or back in order to avoid messing them up. In the morning, you’ll have to gently brush through them with a lash spoolie brush to straighten them out. That’s a normal part of the daily maintenance though.

Be Prepared For Upkeep

They don’t last forever. Think of them like acrylic nails, you have to get them filled in every month. It’s the same for your new lash extensions. Every three to four weeks you’ll have to go in for a touch-up to maintain the lashes. That service doesn’t take as long as it does with the first set, but it’s going to take at least an hour. You can keep them up for an entire year this way though, so it’s worth committing to the service if you truly love your new lash lengths.

lash4So are you ready to take the plunge into lash extensions now that you know what they entail? The compliments you’ll get on your new lashes might make the entire process well worth it.