When it comes to hair care products, I have pretty much tried them all. Dropping $100 on the “newest miracle” to hit the market with the promise of restoring my bleached out, dry and dull locks was a common occurrence. After accumulating a plethora of products, I have finally found one that actually lives up to the hype, without breaking the bank. capelli

“Smooth-E Leave-In Conditioner & Straightening Balm is a botanical rich leave-in conditioner and softening balm. Used as directed, it straightens and controls curly and frizzy hair for maximum manageability and shine. A fusion of a deep treatment and a finishing product.” – Capelli Salon

So, if you are looking to try something new that will give your hair the soft, healthy shine we all aspire to have, without the product build-up and lack of luster, check out Smooth-E by Capelli at $22.00 (plus shipping) – you will be glad you did! I also use their Spa Ambiance Shampoo and Conditioner, which not only smells amazing, but has done wonders for my hair.

*To place an order you need to contact Capelli salon directly at 972.250.4565, they do not offer purchasing from the website.