With the new year comes new motivation and resolutions. If you are like me, more often then not, that includes eating healthier. Sure we all need to splurge from time to time, but what about when we are on the right track? What is the best way to prepare our food? It has been proven that when you cook fresh vegetables in a standard dish, you risk loosing vital nutrients and vitamins, but did you also know that air, water, heat and other fats can break down your vegetables beneficiary attributes? Many scientists have determined that food preparation is the number one cause of nutrient loss in our diets.

Steaming food has been around since the beginning of food preparation, not because it was trendy, fashionable, or healthy, but because it was an easy and fast way to prepare your vegetables. By steaming your fresh vegetables, like broccoli for an example, you are locking in the natural flavors of the food. Making for a more robust palate and dining experience. Have you ever tried some broccoli that has been cooked on the stove? The watery aftermath of what was suppose to be your healthy greens helping of food instead tastes like watery mush? That is what can happen when you begin breaking down the fibers of vegetables through cooking.

Steaming food not only secures the natural flavor and essence of your vegetable, it also makes for a healthier digestive process as well. Without the extra fat, grease, batter, seasoning or other non-sense that often accompanies standard vegetables, your body can extract the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins easier, while allowing less work for your digestive track.

We all know that most people only eat their vegetables because of the “health benefit” attached to them. However, many scientists have proven that boiling, or even microwaving our vegetables cause the removal of the natural benefit they possess, making our “healthy side” a filler instead of a healthy choice. If you are ready to kick off your new year and live a healthier lifestyle, then consider how you are preparing your food. Just eating healthier is not always going to give you the results you expect.

So what can I steam? There are countless ways to prepare your food through steaming, and you can enjoy flavorful recipes without sacrificing the cooking process. Did you know that not only can you steam vegetables, but you can also steam chicken, fish, and shell fish? Wellness_Nutrition_salmonIf you want to add a little flavor to your dishes, then why don’t you add a bed of herbs to your steam dish to unlock the natural flavors of your food? Many recipes call for a bed of scallions, lemon slices, or orange peels. Use your imagination and have fun with it! The beauty of steaming food is that you don’t have to spend countless hours of preparation and a ton of money on extra ingredients. Simply buy some vegetables, pick out a few accent flavors to steam with, and enjoy a fresh, healthy and tasty side dish.

Understanding the benefits of food preparation is key to ensuring that your diet is well balanced and filled with the wonderful nutrients and vitamins that you body needs. By taking a stand on your cooking methods and following your new year’s resolution to eat healthier, steaming food is a great way to change your lifestyle. There are countless articles and recipes out in the world that can help you learn the best way to improve and prepare your meals, so put down your watery broccoli and take back your healthy diet with creative, tasty, and healthy food preparation techniques.