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Top 5 Smart Watches for Your Health
by Tommy Smith

Smartwatches are all the rage! Clever little devices that can manage your life alert you of appointments, birthdays and even your health. But do you know which smart fitness watches are the best?  Sure each smart watch offers some of… Continue Reading →

The Zumba Zone
by Kelly Stafford

Ah, the wonderful class of Zumba. Due to my lack of maintaining cardio endurance, I can honestly say that I would much rather watch a Zumba workout than participate. However, one thing I can agree with, is that this energy… Continue Reading →

Blood Pumping
by Tommy Smith

Sticking to the new year motivation, I thought I would write about the importance, effectiveness, and available workouts associated with cardiovascular exercise. Cardio has been a top health regime for those looking to loose weight, improve tone, boost stamina, and… Continue Reading →

Never Skip Leg Day
by Tommy Smith

Are you thinking about skipping the gym today because you hate your leg day routine? Most people don’t focus on their legs and miss out on two of the potentially strongest muscles in their body, the thighs and hamstrings. If… Continue Reading →

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