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The Toxic Truth of Household Cleaners
by Kelly Ann Stafford

Every time I reach under my kitchen sink to grab my household cleaners I often wonder if I’m doing more harm than good when it comes to keeping my house in order. And, I admit I am guilty of grabbing the… Continue Reading →

The Bomb of Lip Balms
by Kelly Ann Stafford

I admit, I’m kinda addicted to lip balm. Knowing that I have the best products to keep my lips looking and feeling great is extremely important to me. Dry, chapped lips are not only unattractive, they can be downright painful!… Continue Reading →

Snacking Healthy
by Kelly Ann Stafford

I am going to admit it, I am a snacker…I love high sodium and sugary snacks much more than a protein bar or a celery stick, and I often find myself reaching for a bag of Cheetos instead of a… Continue Reading →

Eraclea® Ever-Moist Lip Balm
by Kelly Ann Stafford

In my ongoing search for beauty products that actually deliver what they claim to provide, I can honestly say eraclea® is true to their word when it comes to their Ever-moist Lip Balm. I have never had a lip treatment… Continue Reading →

The Slick Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments
by Kelly Ann Stafford

  With so many “miracle” hair treatments available on the market today I thought I would take a few minutes and focus on the ones that have been around for literally, centuries. Hot oil treatments have been conditioning locks for… Continue Reading →

Keeping Fido Fit!
by Kelly Ann Stafford

We all want a healthy, happy family and we do our best to provide our loved ones with the proper exercise and nutritional balance whenever possible. That being said, for those of us who consider our pet’s “family”, don’t you… Continue Reading →

The Pilates Workout
by Kelly Ann

Pilates is a physical fitness program that was developed back in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Focusing on “controlled movements”, this physical fitness activity is designed to help you target specific areas and work those areas with precision…. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Coconut Oil
by Kelly Ann

If you ever find yourself stranded on a beautiful island with no water, no food and no rescue in sight, at least you can have your fill of one of the world’s greatest “super foods” – coconuts! Not only can… Continue Reading →

Don’t Be a Wallflower
by Kelly Ann Stafford

When it comes to my personal style, I am set in my ways. My color palette pretty much consists of black, white, gray, tan and brown. If I am wearing a bold color, there is a reason. My luggage got… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Chicken Soup Recipe
by Kelly Ann Stafford

When it comes to food cravings, I can pretty much sum up my favorites on one hand. Living in Los Angeles I had the luxury of having two of mine within a stones throw distance from my front door. Now,… Continue Reading →

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