Tommy Smith was born and raised in a small town in North Texas and after yearning for the wide open ocean, he decided to move around the United States to get a taste of culture, history, and adventure. After selling everything he had except what could fit in a pick up truck, Tommy hit the road and traveled from his small town all the way up the East coast, stopping often to take in the new experiences. Eventually, after driving all the way up to Blue Hill, Maine, Tommy decided to settle in Bean-town.

Boston was a far cry from what he was use to, with bitter cold winters, funny talking New Englanders and a bombardment of noises, he spent a few years learning about culture, history, and diversity before deciding to change things up again. This time, opting for a mountain backdrop, he traveled to the Appalachian Mountains and called Asheville, NC his home for several years. While the beauty of the mountains were unrivaled from any he had seen before, Asheville proved to be a love/hate relationship to new residents. Unfortunately, he was on the hate end of the stick and decided to head back east.

Landing a job at an up and coming email marketing firm, he quickly learned about a new opportunity in the Rocky Mountains. This time, still having the travel bug, he worked his way through the company to secure a spot in the new location. Now living in Fort Collins, CO, Tommy spent the next several years mastering the ins and outs of email marketing, while enjoying the high altitude and laid back pace of the front range.

After a long stay in Northern Colorado, Tommy was feeling the nostalgia of his home state and decided to return back to family and continue his life all the wiser to the great and exciting people, places and locations that he had lived and visited. One of the best outcomes of his travels is that he has personal art collectors in 5 different states. From Boston, to Asheville, to Colorado, California, and his childhood stomping grounds, Texas. Now days, Tommy spends more time freelance writing for companies sharing his own personal experiences and expertise over the years in a variety of topics and categories. He can also be found caught up in a fresh canvas from time to time when the arts call to him.


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