As I eagerly opened up my Valentine’s gift, I quickly remembered one very important factor when it comes to this holiday, act surprised. While it is no secret, most of the gifts designed for this love day are geared towards the female population and even though we do our best to understand the Venus Flytrap, or otherwise known as women, often times, despite our best efforts, our Valentine’s gifts are a disappointment. Skip ahead to right before I unwrap my final elegantly tied decoration bow, I thought to myself, “whatever you do, make sure you smile, and give quick hug in response.”

So, what do men see when they get their Valentine’s gift? I thought it would be fun to cover a couple of my memorable Valentine’s day gifts and give you a little insight into my thoughts on each one and my initial reactions when I saw it for the first time. While this is obviously my personal experience and opinion, I think you will find it a bit insightful when it comes to how your man views this lovely holiday.


Flowers are pretty, flowers smell good, flowers are delicate, flowers are the exact opposite of most men! I remember the first time I got flowers delivered to my work from a significant other. The receptionist gleefully bounced around the corner with a huge bouquet, and I remember thinking, “some sucker paid big for that one”. As she continued through the office, I noticed she got closer and closer to my area, and to my surprise, she greeted me with a huge smile and said, “these are for you!”. While I admit I did catch myself cherishing a quick sniff from time to time, what I remember the most was all the hateful and jealous glares I got from my co-workers. So next time you think about delivering flowers to your man, Isolated Valentine's Candylet’s put that one on the back burner and save it for the privacy of your home, trust me, he will thank you.


With tons of chocolate for sale during Valentine’s Day, it is no wonder many men get a large box of “I love you chocolates”. Similar to when a guy buys you a bowling ball for your birthday, when we see a box of chocolates, the first thing that comes to mind is, “oh look you bought yourself some chocolates.” Because let’s be honest, we might take one out of the box right when we get it to show our appreciation, but ultimately that bad boy is left on the table for you to devour at your convenience. Next time you are looking through the isles for the perfect chocolate combination, think bald men wearing bowling shoes and move on to your next gift idea!

While there are countless variations to how one can show their love, and each year more and more people are taking full advantage of this lovely holiday, I often times found myself rushing through the store last minute to find whatever was left on the shelf and trying to scramble for a safe alternative just in case. Typically, I have never been one to remember dates, and this poses a bigger problem when holidays such as Valentine’s Day rolls around. Regardless, one thing I can tell you is that no matter how great your Valentine’s Gift, the best reward we get during this holiday is seeing the expression on your face when you open and get a gift from us. So next time you are looking for that “perfect” Valentine’s gift, go easy on yourself, because truly, a man’s best Valentine’s gift is the partner they are with.