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Smooth-E Leave-In Conditioner & Straightening Balm from Capelli Hair Care
by Kelly Ann Stafford

When it comes to hair care products, I have pretty much tried them all. Dropping $100 on the “newest miracle” to hit the market with the promise of restoring my bleached out, dry and dull locks was a common occurrence…. Continue Reading →

Should You Try Lash Extensions?
by Kelly Reising

  You probably know that the quickest way to get longer hair is by using hair extensions. Now there is a beauty treatment that is exactly like hair extensions, only for your eyelashes. Sounds amazing right? Extra show stopping lashes that don’t… Continue Reading →

Fabulous Feet
by Kelly Ann Stafford

Sandal season has arrived! Time to get your piggies presentable and kick those calluses to the curb. Throughout the winter months I practically live in my boots, fuzzy socks or slippers, and I will admit I do not give my… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Biotin
by Kelly Ann Stafford

One of the best vitamins out on the market that doesn’t get the publicity it deserves is a coenzyme and Vitamin B, otherwise known as biotin. This water soluble vitamin B compound is known for its ability to boost hair… Continue Reading →

Nail Your Health
by Tommy Smith

Many people find themselves grooming their nails on a daily basis, others tend to only pay attention once they have noticed a whole in their favorite sock. No matter how often you take the time to groom your nails, understanding… Continue Reading →

The Beardsman
by Tommy Smith

There is no doubt that sporting a manly beard is back in the spot light these days, so I took a little time and perused the popular YouTube channels, Facebook pages and fashion articles to bring you some of the… Continue Reading →

Winter Hair Styles of 2016
by Tommy Smith

Now that the new year has begun and winter is in full beast mode, we took a little time to survey the land of beauty and find the best winter hair styles of 2016. We have scoured all the fashion… Continue Reading →

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