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Best Holiday Gifts for Your Man
by Tommy Smith

Christmas is just around the corner, do you know what to get your man? As a man, I rarely have any idea of what I want for the holiday, but that never stops those who love me from trying to… Continue Reading →

The Best Of New York Fashion Week
by Kelly Reising

   Fashion Week just took place in New York City to highlight the 2017 Spring collections. This much anticipated time in the fashion world did not disappoint as all the top models, celebrities, and fashion superstars showed off their wares in… Continue Reading →

Counterfeit Handbags Are Not As Chic As You Think
by Kelly Reising

You might be tempted when you are visiting the exciting streets of New York City, London, or even in LA to pick up a counterfeit handbag. Think twice before you make one of these illegal purchases from a street vendor… Continue Reading →

Fashion: Hot New Fall Trends 2016
by Kelly Reising

   Each fall when the gigantic issues of the fashion magazines come out, we all eagerly await what the style trends will be. Fall fashion is hot right now, being that Summer is coming to an end. So looking to… Continue Reading →

Fashion Handed Down : The Best Pieces To Keep Always
by Kelly Reising

  Fashion trends may come and go, but there are some significant pieces that you want to keep in your closet. They could be items you have purchased yourself, or some are handed down through your mother, grandmother, or a cherished… Continue Reading →

Looking Chic At The Ballpark
by Kelly Reising

 It’s the thick of the summer season. What that means for sports fans is that baseball is in full swing. Whether you are a die-hard fan, just enjoy going to the park with your spouse, or have a chance to… Continue Reading →

Don’t Discount The Fanny Pack
by Kelly Reising

 The fanny pack has long been an object of ridicule. You have seen those people on vacation with their packs stuffed to the brim of whatever they might need for the day. No one really knows when the fanny pack… Continue Reading →

Summer Wardrobe Essentials
by Kelly Reising

Summer is finally here! After a long, hard winter where you grudgingly put on a parka everyday as you trudged to work, it’s exciting to shed those layers. Plus, summer clothing and accessories are so pretty. All those sweetly simple… Continue Reading →

Effortlessly Chic
by Dagmar Voracek

Friends and co-workers keep asking me how I manage to wear something “new” every day. I giggle and respond that it’s not all new; I just wear it in a new way! You don’t need a closet of Sarah Jessica… Continue Reading →

Reinvent Your Wardrobe: Major Spring Cleaning Overhaul
by Alethea Middleton

Ever open the closet and feel like you just have nothing to wear? You look at the space stuffed with clothing, shoes and accessories, but nothing looks appealing. In fact the more you have, the harder it is to find… Continue Reading →

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