Summer is finally here! After a long, hard winter where you grudgingly put on a parka everyday as you trudged to work, it’s exciting to shed those layers. Plus, summer clothing and accessories are so pretty. All those sweetly simple sundresses, capri pants, and sandals to look forward to wearing. Checking out all your options for breezy summer wear is a delight, other than swimsuit shopping that is. So let’s not focus on that annoying chore, but the summer wardrobe essentials you need that are no sweat to shop for.

A Wide Brim Hat

Whether you are outside tending to your garden, going for a long walk, or sitting by the pool, a wide brim hat will protect your facial skin. Attractive Woman In HatGranted you still have to wear your sunscreen, but a hat is a great physical block from the sun. Find one that is comfortable, so you enjoy wearing it when you are outside. They even make ones that will role up to fit easily into your suitcase, so you can bring your hat with you when you travel on all those Summer vacation trips. Hawaii anyone?

Stylish Shades

Those same old boring sunglasses you’ve been wearing for years have got to go. Assorted styles of tinted sunglasses isolated on white backgrounInvest in a cool new pair in an aviator, wayfarer, or go glam with some matahari shades. Think of colors that aren’t tortoise, or black either. Lighten up by going with rose gold for a fresher look to your shades that is stylish on any skintone.

A New Bathing Suit Cover-up

Admit it, you keep wearing the same old t-shirt over your swimsuit to go to the pool. bigstock--131192285Amp up the style factor to the next level by investing in a cover-up that will make you feel beautiful. Get something long, and flowy that makes you look like a movie star.

A Maxi Dress

This is the dress to have for nights on the town, or just puttering around on a daily basis. A maxi dress is meant to be lightweight and comfortable. venuspic4You can wear it all summer long, so you might as well get a few different ones that you like. Pair the dress with some cute sandals, and if you aren’t comfortable exposing your arms, find a lightweight summer cardigan that has three-quarter length or shorter sleeves to wear with it. Check out for an array of summer must haves ranging from maxi dresses and cover-up’s, to sandals and much more!

Lighter Summer Makeup

You might not think of makeup as a Summer wardrobe essential, but having cosmetics that are meant for the hotter, humid weather can make you look top notch during those heated months. A few things you want to look for are lighter foundation in the form of a CC or BB Cream with an SPF of at least 30, a multipurpose cheek/lip stick in a bronze color to give you that radiant glow, and waterproof mascara. Fashionable Blonde Lady Posing.You can even use the multi-purpose stick on your eyes for a light wash of eyeshadow color. Not only are these three choices in makeup fast and easy to put on, but it’s better to not wear such heavy makeup during the summer. It’s just going to melt off of you anyway. Those three essentials will allow your makeup to last longer, and look fresher in the summer.