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Scandal Du Jour
by Dagmar Voracek

It was my dream to go to Paris since I was a young teenager. Few years ago my dream finally came true! Thanks to my work and a huge amount of luck I made it to Charles De Gaulle Airport… Continue Reading →

Utah’s National Parks
by Tommy Smith

Living in Colorado for a number of years, I always heard about the Utah National Parks, and while I was so close to the area, I had to check them out for myself. One of the greatest things our country… Continue Reading →

Traveling to Santa Fe
by Tommy Smith

For those in search of spectacular Spanish architecture, rich culture, culinary delights and creative people, then Santa Fe is a perfect travel destination for you. As the capital of New Mexico, you won’t have to worry about politics interfering with… Continue Reading →

Asheville, NC- Heart of the Smokies
by Tommy Smith

Having lived in Asheville, NC for a number of years, I can say with confidence that this city is nestled in one of the most beautiful places that America has to offer. Located in the heart of the Appalachian mountains,… Continue Reading →

Maine Attractions
by Tommy Smith

My first time in Maine was definitely one to remember. It was the first time that I saw an entire mountain covered in blueberries. It was the first time I tried lobster. It was the first time I enjoyed a… Continue Reading →

Pretzels and Soda
by Dagmar Voracek

During my recent travels, I flew on multiple carriers, domestic as well as international. My overall experience was not bad, though I obviously didn’t escape the typical airport stress. What caught my attention though was the difference in food and… Continue Reading →

New Orleans – The Big Easy
by Tommy Smith

  I have always been fascinated by New Orleans. From the elegant French Quarter, to the southern hospitality and great Cajun cuisine. Having spent some time there, you will find that the nickname “The Big Easy” is quite appropriate. Whether… Continue Reading →

Hawaii’s Juxtaposition
by Tommy Smith

Hawaii is a travel destination for over 8.3 million visitors a year, and a multi-billion dollar industry. No wonder Hawaii is on my top 10 list! Hawaii is a set of islands nestled off the west coast of America and… Continue Reading →

Travel Bug
by Dagmar Voracek

I love to travel. There is the discovery of new and unknown places or on the contrary, the returns to our favorite and familiar spots. What is perhaps my most favorite part about traveling is the sense of connection I… Continue Reading →

Dallas Is More Than Horses
by Tommy Smith

After living in Dallas for so many years, one thing I find most amusing is when people who do not live here imagine Dallas to be a dirt road with tie posts lined up along saloons to park your horse. I… Continue Reading →

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