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The Colors of Fall
A Few Tips from Professional Makeup Artist Jamie Fawn

From the runways to the red carpet, this season is all about flawless skin (yes, give the spray tan a rest), combined with bold hues on the lips and eyes. Shades ranging from deep reds and burgundy, to black currant… Continue Reading →

Using A Highlighter: Choosing The Right One For Your Skin Tone
by Kelly Reising

  If you have never used highlighter before you are in for a treat. The purpose of highlighter is to enhance your features in the best way possible. Highlighters do this by bouncing light off of your face to give you… Continue Reading →

High-End Makeup Versus Drugstore Brands: A Face Off
by Kelly Reising

  Women spend almost a half billion dollars on beauty products each year. That’s a whole lot of money going towards products that are made to beautify the wearer. Each and every woman has to decide for themselves what their own… Continue Reading →

Lip Oils Do Wonders For Your Pout
by Kelly Reising

Lip Oils Do Wonders For Your Pout   Put down the Chapstick, and step away from the Vaseline. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those products, but it’s time to up your lip protection game. Ladies, you need to… Continue Reading →

Summer Wardrobe Essentials
by Kelly Reising

Summer is finally here! After a long, hard winter where you grudgingly put on a parka everyday as you trudged to work, it’s exciting to shed those layers. Plus, summer clothing and accessories are so pretty. All those sweetly simple… Continue Reading →

Ombre Lips: Sweet and Chic
by Alethea Middleton

Flirty, pouty and chic seems to be a common theme just about every spring. So, it’s not really surprising that the ombre lip trend is making a huge impact in the fashion world for this season. If you aren’t familiar… Continue Reading →

Makeup Tips for Women Over 40 by Professional Makeup Artist Jamie Fawn

I love that women are making 40’s plus look so sexy. I’m not talking about actresses or models that have access to a multitude of surgical and non-surgical treatments, high-end skin products and incredible wardrobes. I see beautiful women over… Continue Reading →

Jamie’s Favorite Things… Makeup Forever Ultra High Definition Concealer
by Professional Makeup Artist Jamie Fawn

I’m in love with the new Makeup Forever Ultra High Definition Concealer. Why do I love this product so much? This high definition concealer is multipurpose and works well on all skin types, including mature skin. It is the perfect… Continue Reading →

How Long Should You Keep Your Cosmetics? The UGLY Truth Behind Beauty Products
by Krista Frazier

So we all know throwing away cosmetics is painful, especially if they are expensive. But, let’s get real, Cosmetics trap BACTERIA! The FDA does NOT REQUIRE cosmetic manufacturers to include expiration dates on beauty product labels. Once a cosmetic package… Continue Reading →

MAC Paint Pots
by Professional Makeup Artist Jamie Fawn

I absolutely love MAC Paint Pots. This is a must have in my makeup kit. I’m never with out this product…. Ever! I use it every day on my own eyes and every client I work on. My 2 favorite… Continue Reading →

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