Lip Oils Do Wonders For Your Pout

  Put down the Chapstick, and step away from the Vaseline. Woman looking at her lip balm on white backgroundNot that there is anything wrong with either of those products, but it’s time to up your lip protection game. Ladies, you need to explore what lip oils can do for your pucker. For the most part, dry chapped lips are a common problem everyone faces. You can pile on the Chapstick, but that never seems to truly take care of the issue. Heal your lips at a deeper level by using the right lip oils. These new lip oils are not only beautiful looking on the lips, but the benefits they offer are extraordinary.

Why Facial Oils Work

Facial oils have been in the beauty news lately with all different kinds coming out to benefit the skin. Some of the best facial oils to use are Argan oil, coconut, marula oil, and even grapeseed oil has been used in certain skin care products for years. Ripe sliced grape and grapeseed oil, isolated on whiteOils do a terrific job of binding moisture to the skin for long lasting hydration. So you aren’t just masking the problem of dry, flaky skin, you are actually doing something worthwhile to correct it.

Plus, the antioxidants that facial oils contain can prevent aging in the skin by protecting it from free radicals in the air that over time can damage your skin. They can also decrease inflammation and reduce redness. All of that adds up to reasons why you should be using facial oils also in the lip area.

Some Excellent Lip Oils To Try

You can find lip oils in all different prices ranges, from your local big box store, like Target or Walmart to your high-end department stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. There are also beauty specialty stores, Sephora being the most popular, that carry a variety of different beauty brands that all have lip oils. Or you don’t have to go anywhere at all since there are plenty of beauty emporiums to shop at online in the comfort of your own home. Check out the carefully selected offerings in beauty at Violet Grey. This online shop is constantly updating its selections so you’ll never want to click away empty handed.

Bargain ChoiceYes To Coconut Cooling Lip Oil ($5) This sweet steal feels amazingly fresh on the lips.Coconut Essential Oil It contains coconut, and eucalyptus oil to hydrate the lips with a non-sticky finish. You can wear this alone for a subtle shine, or layer it under your regular lipstick or gloss.

Mid-Priced PoutLancome’s Juicy Shaker ($21) One of the best parts about this little baby is that it comes in the most adorable shakable tube. All you do is give it a little shake, and apply the colorful oil to your lips. It comes in 25 different shades each with its own special fruit notes like mango or strawberry. The base oil in this product is sweet almond and cranberry that are loaded with antioxidants.
Prestige PuckerYves St. Laurent Volupte Tint-In-Oil ($32) This is a product for when you truly want to treat yourself to a high end dynamo. It’s chock full of different oils, such as apricot, coriander seed, and jojoba oils. Pink lip gloss heart on white backgroundPlus, with eight choices in colors ranging from nude to red, it’s the perfect sheer subtle tint on your lips for summer.