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The Best Of New York Fashion Week
by Kelly Reising

   Fashion Week just took place in New York City to highlight the 2017 Spring collections. This much anticipated time in the fashion world did not disappoint as all the top models, celebrities, and fashion superstars showed off their wares in… Continue Reading →

Counterfeit Handbags Are Not As Chic As You Think
by Kelly Reising

You might be tempted when you are visiting the exciting streets of New York City, London, or even in LA to pick up a counterfeit handbag. Think twice before you make one of these illegal purchases from a street vendor… Continue Reading →

Using A Highlighter: Choosing The Right One For Your Skin Tone
by Kelly Reising

  If you have never used highlighter before you are in for a treat. The purpose of highlighter is to enhance your features in the best way possible. Highlighters do this by bouncing light off of your face to give you… Continue Reading →

Fashion: Hot New Fall Trends 2016
by Kelly Reising

   Each fall when the gigantic issues of the fashion magazines come out, we all eagerly await what the style trends will be. Fall fashion is hot right now, being that Summer is coming to an end. So looking to… Continue Reading →

Should You Try Lash Extensions?
by Kelly Reising

  You probably know that the quickest way to get longer hair is by using hair extensions. Now there is a beauty treatment that is exactly like hair extensions, only for your eyelashes. Sounds amazing right? Extra show stopping lashes that don’t… Continue Reading →

Best Beauty And Style Tips If You Love Lemons
by Kelly Reising

 Ah, that sweet sunshiny citrus fruit. Small, perfect, and yellow to the core. You can’t beat a lemon for a variety of uses in all sorts of things. Ever had a Meyer lemon? Just perfect in every way. Culinary delights and… Continue Reading →

Coolsculpting: The Latest In Slimming Technology
by Kelly Reising

  Everyone knows that the best way to trim down is by a healthy lifestyle and exercise. The old adage, “move more and eat less” is always going to be true. Although lately you have probably seen commercials about the newest… Continue Reading →

Fashion Handed Down : The Best Pieces To Keep Always
by Kelly Reising

  Fashion trends may come and go, but there are some significant pieces that you want to keep in your closet. They could be items you have purchased yourself, or some are handed down through your mother, grandmother, or a cherished… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Cucumbers
by Kelly Reising

  The simple cucumber is truly a useful food source. Not only is this little green guy great for you health and wellness, but it also holds the key to a variety of beauty treatments. Cucumbers are part of the gourd… Continue Reading →

High-End Makeup Versus Drugstore Brands: A Face Off
by Kelly Reising

  Women spend almost a half billion dollars on beauty products each year. That’s a whole lot of money going towards products that are made to beautify the wearer. Each and every woman has to decide for themselves what their own… Continue Reading →

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