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Bariatric Boom
by Tommy Smith

Living in Texas, where 32% of the population is considered obese, I’ve known quite a few people who have taken a leap of faith and gone under the knife in hopes to save their life. For the most part, many… Continue Reading →

The Skinny on Bread
by Tommy Smith

I have two weaknesses in this world, one is cheese and the other is bread. I absolutely love bread. I’ve been known to even go on a bread diet! Well, not really, but I can’t get enough of it. Rye… Continue Reading →

Cranberries: Real Juice vs. Juice Concentrate
by Tommy Smith

Cranberries are small, hard, bitter and pack a major punch. If you’ve ever had fresh cranberry juice then you know what I’m talking about.  But most people only see a fraction of the full potential this little miracle fruit has… Continue Reading →

Oral Hygiene for Pearly Whites
by Tommy Smith

Are you self conscious about your smile? Do you want to know the best practices when it comes to the proper way to brush your teeth and floss? As an adult, most of us think we’ve got everything figured out,… Continue Reading →

Sushi: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
by Tommy Smith

I remember clearly the first time I tried sushi. I was living in South Boston at the time, and a friend of ours said she knew a “bomb” of a sushi restaurant in Quincy. The restaurant was a small whole… Continue Reading →

The Deal With Dried Fruit
by Tommy Smith

I love reaching into my trail mix bag and picking out the dried banana chips, but for some reason I always end up with a bag full of raisins in the end. I guess that’s because normally I don’t have… Continue Reading →

Addison’s Disease Uncovered
by Tommy Smith

With only one in 100,000 people being diagnosed with Addison’s disease, many find this rare condition both overwhelming and hard to understand. Unlike other diseases that have multiple research options, various support groups, and a plethora of experts to choose… Continue Reading →

Proper Lunches for School Children
by Tommy Smith

As school kicks off again, many children are eager to see their fellow classmates, show off their most recent outfits, and find out who their teachers will be for the year. However, one thing most children can agree upon, is… Continue Reading →

Goji Berry Madness
by Tommy Smith

If you are ready for the next berry craze, then this Chinese secret is perfect for your next health kick. Known as the wolfberry, this bright orange and red berry packs quite the punch when it comes to your longevity…. Continue Reading →

Dieting Like an Olympic Champion
by Tommy Smith

With the 2016 Rio Olympic games well under way one thing stands out among every athlete from all corners of the world, each one is in tip top shape. While it’s understood that it takes hours upon hours of training,… Continue Reading →

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