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The Skinny on Salmon
by Tommy Smith

Growing up in Texas, I was most definitely a meat and potatoes guy, however I remember clearly the first time in my life I ever tried salmon, an experience that would change my favorite food group immediately. It was a… Continue Reading →

The Pro’s and Con’s of Deleting Dairy
by Tommy Smith

I’ll admit, I grew up on whole milk and while I moved around the United States, slowly I found myself sampling various forms of milk until I was hooked on 2% for the longest. Now living back in Texas, I… Continue Reading →

Pickin’ Peppers
by Tommy Smith

Summertime is full of pool parties, family gatherings, vacations and of course food. One of my absolute favorite snacks on the grill is the variation of chili pepper concoctions. From the classic “bandito” style of cream cheese filled peppers, with… Continue Reading →

Pineapple Paradise
by Tommy Smith

The pineapple is a sign of tropical islands, fruity drinks, long white sand beaches and tasty signature dishes. But did you know that the pineapple also has a variety of health benefits? Pineapples have been used in food dishes for… Continue Reading →

The Anguish of Anxiety
by Tommy Smith

It was a cold winter morning, and as I slipped out of bed and began to stand up I noticed a sudden sense of fear. Quickly my hands began to shake, my head flushed with a level of heat that… Continue Reading →

Yogurt : Not Created Equally
by Tommy Smith

Yogurt has been an age old super food for generations, but with the modern world mass producing our food products, understanding that not all yogurt is created equal will be the difference between finding the right ingredients that makes this… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Cucumbers
by Kelly Reising

  The simple cucumber is truly a useful food source. Not only is this little green guy great for you health and wellness, but it also holds the key to a variety of beauty treatments. Cucumbers are part of the gourd… Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Beauty Rest
by Jennifer Thomas

As I get older, I find it harder and harder to hide my tired baggy eyes. I have used everything from top of the line creams, to miracle concealers and they still manage to rear their ugly heads whenever I… Continue Reading →

Understanding The Dangers Of Heatstroke
by Tommy Smith

I grew up in Texas, so I’m no stranger to summer heat. In fact, as a teenager and college student, I worked as a laborer painting houses. During the summer months, you would get up before dawn, make your way… Continue Reading →

Superfoods To The Rescue
by Kelly Reising

  Many times you probably have read articles and books about what you should be eating. Diet plans come and go, with all kinds of methods to improve your health, prevent diseases, and even lose weight. It’s hard to know which… Continue Reading →

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