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Looking Chic At The Ballpark
by Kelly Reising

 It’s the thick of the summer season. What that means for sports fans is that baseball is in full swing. Whether you are a die-hard fan, just enjoy going to the park with your spouse, or have a chance to… Continue Reading →

Don’t Discount The Fanny Pack
by Kelly Reising

 The fanny pack has long been an object of ridicule. You have seen those people on vacation with their packs stuffed to the brim of whatever they might need for the day. No one really knows when the fanny pack… Continue Reading →

Summer Wardrobe Essentials
by Kelly Reising

Summer is finally here! After a long, hard winter where you grudgingly put on a parka everyday as you trudged to work, it’s exciting to shed those layers. Plus, summer clothing and accessories are so pretty. All those sweetly simple… Continue Reading →

Effortlessly Chic
by Dagmar Voracek

Friends and co-workers keep asking me how I manage to wear something “new” every day. I giggle and respond that it’s not all new; I just wear it in a new way! You don’t need a closet of Sarah Jessica… Continue Reading →

Reinvent Your Wardrobe: Major Spring Cleaning Overhaul
by Alethea Middleton

Ever open the closet and feel like you just have nothing to wear? You look at the space stuffed with clothing, shoes and accessories, but nothing looks appealing. In fact the more you have, the harder it is to find… Continue Reading →

Chokers & Charms – Must Have Looks for 2016
by Kelly Ann Stafford

Chokers are a statement piece right now with every trend from Haute Couture to Boho Chic, and women of every age seem to be sporting this look. Whether your plans include chilling at Coachella or sipping champs with the ladies,… Continue Reading →

Stylish Shades for 2016
by Alethea Middleton

When it came to sunglasses for this season, we saw over and over that the underlying theme was, “go big or go home.” Not all sunglasses were actually huge in size, but all were equally big in statement pieces for… Continue Reading →

Judy – Attitude-y
by Dagmar Voracek

As a teenager, I was very vulnerable. Even later in my adolescent and early adult years, I found my style but wasn’t always assertive enough to do, wear or say exactly what I wanted. I believe that as we age,… Continue Reading →

Spring Bling: Jewelry Trends for 2016
by Alethea Middleton

Spring is in bloom and it’s time to get your bling on! There are a lot of cool trends you will see hitting the streets for this season. Here are a few of the top trends that were showing up… Continue Reading →

Spring is in the Bag!
by Alethea Middleton

Spring has arrived! We are all stepping out of the winter blues and ready to let the sun bask on our pasty skin once more. Are you welcoming spring back with a few well-chosen accessories this year? Here are my… Continue Reading →

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