The fanny pack has long been an object of ridicule. You have seen those people on vacation with their packs stuffed to the brim of whatever they might need for the day. No one really knows when the fanny pack became so uncool. Well actually, was it ever truly cool? Elegant Model In Gray Woven Cardigan With Two Leather Fanny PackLately though, high end designer fanny packs have been coming back in style bringing a certain cache to this long mocked accessory.

This is probably due to the fact that hip celebrities have been sporting them lately at various music festivals, such as Coachella and Bonnaroo. When you get right down to it in reality, the fanny pack is a super convenient way to carry your handbag contents when you are on vacation. So don’t discount the fanny pack yet, here are some other benefits to this time tested method for carrying your stuff.

The Safety FactorPickpocket stealing handbag while woman using mobile phone on be

It’s definitely a safety factor to have your stuff around your waistline in a fanny pack than a regular handbag. This is especially true if you are going on vacation somewhere you aren’t overly familiar with. That includes traveling overseas in larger cities. The likelihood that a thief is going to steal your fanny pack are slim. It’s so close to your body being protected.


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They would be more likely to snag your regular handbag and run. The perfect vacation fanny pack, which now incidentally has a new name, is the belt bag. Many companies make them, but a stylish one to have is Rebecca Minkoff’s Wendy Leather Belt Bag ($195). Get it in white for a classic vacation color. The tassels are extremely cute, and make it look less like a traditional fanny pack and more like a chic bag around your waist. The style factor on this one is high.

The Rock Whatever You Want To Wear Factor

You are a grown adult, so you should be able to wear whatever you want to wear with style. Don’t think about people laughing and pointing at your fanny pack. Your style should be all your own, without a care in the world. Having the right fanny pack or “belt bag” will make you look less like a tourist.


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One you can get for a steal is Target’s Pride Mad Love Fanny Pack ($10). It’s lightweight with two separate zippered pouches, so it will fit all your most valuable possessions while traveling, including your smartphone, money, identification, and of course don’t forget the sunscreen and lip gloss. You might want a snack for that mid-day mood crash too. This belt bag will fit all that and more.

The Less Back Pain Factor

This is truly a terrific reason to wear a fanny pack. Have you ever lugged a handbag, even one that is crossbody in nature around all day? Agony! The pain you get right between your shoulder blades is a nightmare.


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That’s why back specialists recommend you go hands free by letting your hips do most of the work of carrying the fanny pack. Choosing one that is slim and flush to your body is going to be the most lightweight. MICHAEL Michael Kors MK Logo Leather Fanny Pack ($55) is a great option to look at for a mid-priced choice. Who doesn’t love a little blinged out accessory to wear? This one has a glamorous faux gold chain which comes in three different colors. For summer the white and gold option is the coolest by far.