With the holiday weekend upon us, many of you are getting your grills ready to celebrate the festivities. Dagmar’s delicious spin on the average burger will keep your family and friends more than satisfied while enjoying the fireworks and fun!

What you will need to feed 6-8 people:

6-8 of your favorite patties (I used ground turkey meat)

6-8 bacon strips cut in half

1 whole pineapple

Spinach leaves

1 medium red onion

1 Banana or Anaheim pepper, sliced

Cheese of your choice, sliced

6-8 hamburger buns of your choice

4-6 sweet potatoes, peeled

For the sauce:

4 tbl spoons of mayonnaise

1 tbl spoon of yellow mustard

1 tbl spoon of ketchup

2 cloves of garlic, pressed

3 tbl spoons of finally chopped parsley


Cut the peeled sweet potatoes into thin strips, set aside. Prep your veggies. I used organic spinach leaves, red onion and a banana pepper, which isn’t as spicy as jalapeño but it does add a little kick. Clean and slice a whole pineapple. Heat up the grill and grill the pineapple on both sides. Fry the sweet potatoes fries either in a deep fryer or in a deep pan. You don’t have to season them too much, if at all, based on your preference. Mix mayo, mustard and ketchup, adding garlic and parsley. This sauce is great to use on the burgers. I personally like to put sriracha mayo on my burger (as pictured) and use the sauce to dip the French fries in as well.

I love the mixture of flavors and the pineapple juice mixed with the meat creates a mouthwatering combo and the banana peppers add a little heat.

photo credit / http://www.dukemorse.com