As school kicks off again, many children are eager to see their fellow classmates, show off their most recent outfits, and find out who their teachers will be for the year. However, one thing most children can agree upon, is that they are not looking forward to the daily lunch menu.

Lunch box with sandwich and saladThere are several reasons to take a moment and evaluate your child’s diet during the school year, one being the nutritional value, the other being the ability to sustain your child’s attention and learning capacity throughout the day. As an adult, we have the luxury to listen to our bodies, grab a smoothie, or snack to keep our mind and body level throughout the day. Our children, on the other hand, have a very tight schedule all day long, only giving them a few moments to get from point A to point B. That’s why packing the best lunch possible is the easiest way to give them the energy boost they need for the rest of the afternoon.

Top Brain Foods for School


Go Nuts – Recently the American Journal of Epidemiology suggested that by consuming vitamin E, one might help to prevent cognitive decline.Making school lunch on wood background, top view

Blueberry Brain Power -A study done by Tufts University in the United States revealed that those who ate a consistent portion of blueberries showed improved or delayed short term memory loss.

Focused Sage – Sage has been used for centuries and has a reputation for improving memory and concentration. Sage infused muffins, crunchy chex mix and shortbread sage cookies are just a few easy lunch box additions you could consider. Although most studies focus on sage as an essential oil, it could be worth adding fresh sage to your family’s diet.

Amazing Avocado – Avocados are almost as good as blueberries in promoting brain health, offering mono-saturated fat, which increases healthy blood flow, lowers blood pressure and helps to reduce hypertension, allowing one to stay focused on topic much easier.

red pomegranate juicePromising Pomegranate – Pomegranate juice offers potent antioxidant benefits, protecting the brain from the damage of free radicals. “Probably no part of the body is more sensitive to the damage from free radicals as the brain,” says board-certified neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, author of The Better Brain Book.

There are many different ways to boost your energy levels, improve memory, and increase brain power. The easiest, by far, is simply including a diet that consists of brain foods that boost and provide a consistent level of energy throughout the day.  While our children don’t have the luxury of snacking during the day, providing a balanced breakfast and lunch is key to giving them the energy and focus they need to stay on topic. Personally, I remember my school days and have flashbacks of my head slipping from my hand as I tried to hold my head up during a 3rd period History class. In hindsight, I wish I had known about said brain foods during my school days because there is no doubt that every boost would have been welcomed with open arms, especially during that dreaded History class.

Young Boy Indoors With Packed Lunch SmilingThe beauty of packing your child’s lunch is that you have full control of what types of food, fats, and essential oils your loved one eats during the day. And yes, being realistic, they’ll probably sneak in a bag of Doritos, or some other junk food, but if their main course is packed with powerful brain foods, then you can rest assured that they are learning, feeling energetic, and getting the most out of their education. So next time you reach for the lunch pale, check to see if you have included some of our top brain foods in your lunch menu.