Everyone knows that the best way to trim down is by a healthy lifestyle and exercise. The old adage, “move more and eat less” is always going to be true. Although lately you have probably seen commercials about the newest treatment to target troublesome areas of your body where it’s hard to lose weight. You know those dreaded “love handles” or that pooch in your tummy that won’t seem to go away, no matter what you do. So what’s the skinny on the latest treatment? It’s called Coolsculpting. A non-surgical treatments that is taking the medi-spa world by storm.

Not only has it been approved by the FDA already, but more places around the country are adding it to their list of services. Before you make your first appointment to experience this all new fat fighting treatment, here are a few things to know about Coolsculpting.

The Areas That Coolsculpting Treats

Coolsculpting is mainly geared towards treating the thighs, hips, and stomach area to make them smoother. You’ll lose inches with a series of treatments. The way that it works is by freezing the fat. It’s going to reshape your body in those area over time. You can even get it performed on the jawline area to alleviate a double chin.

How It Works

The way that CoolSculpting works is by freezing the fat cells at their core. Technically speaking the science behind this treatment is called Cryolipolysis®. As a cosmetic procedure it was approved by the FDA back in 2010. Many cosmetic surgeons tout the benefits of this procedure, because of its non-invasive nature.

After you submit to the treatments, you then gradually shed the fat cells as they die off. It’s the best way to  slim down naturally that is safe and effective. There aren’t any painful needles involved. The number of people that have already tried this treatment is in the millions, so you’ll be in good company if you decide Coolsculpting is right for your own body.

It’s Safe and Effective

Some might be concerned about the CoolSculpting risks, but possible side effects are minimal. You can even return to work immediately after your scheduled treatment. There isn’t any downtime to be concerned with. coolsculpting_patientYou can read, look through your email, or even watch television during the procedure. Some people are even able to nap during the whole treatment. That sounds like a great way to spend time shedding fat! It’s better than hours logged on the gym treadmill.

How CoolSculpting Is Performed

A simple gel pad is placed on the problem area attached to an applicator. It may feel a little cold at first, but as the area gets numb you probably won’t mind the feeling at all.

All the while the technology is hard at work in crystallizing the fat cells  to reduce fat deposits in your hardest to lose weight places. You might feel a little pinching, or pulling on your skin. The possible CoolSculpting side effect is just a little redness that might occur on the surface of the skin where the treatment was performed, or slight bruising in the area if you are sensitive that way.

The Advantages of CoolSculptingPretty healthy girl is caring of her skin

The best part about CoolSculpting is the results you will see in as little as two treatments, over 9 weeks. This is the cutting edge of fat loss treatments that are bringing amazing results to people everywhere. To find out more about what CoolSculpting can do for you, check out their website here for more information, before and after images and a list of providers in your area.