Professional Makeup Artist Jamie Fawn

I love that women are making 40’s plus look so sexy. I’m not talking about actresses or models that have access to a multitude of surgical and non-surgical treatments, high-end skin products and incredible wardrobes. I see beautiful women over 40 all around me. They are killing it in the gyms, eating healthy and most of all exuding the sexiest of all things…. confidence.
Being 47 years old myself I feel more confident than ever about loving the skin I’m in, flaws and all. That said, I’m a professional makeup artists and I’m always looking for products and techniques that keep me looking fresh and youthful. I’m not one for being high maintenance, I like to keep things quick and simple. I’m going to share my favorite tips with you.

  1. Keep skin moisturized.

 The best thing you can do for your skin is hydration. Apply your moisturizer after washing and while your skin is still damp to plum and even out the skin. Quite often I will dab moisturizer under my eyes throughout the day for an easy freshen up.

  1. Use illuminating thin consistency concealers

Speaking of under the eyes, less is more. When looking at makeup products for under the eyes look for thinner consistency, illumination and anti aging properties. Steer away from heavy, thick concealers that draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles making them look even worse. One of my most used under eye concealers is Makeup Forever Lift Concealer. Purchase one that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone so that it works to cover dark circles under the eyes and to highlight the cheekbones.

  1. Highlighting and Contouring

Highlighting is important and is even better when combined with contouring. No need to over-do either of these techniques. Remember less is more with mature skin. In general highlighters are to emphasize some areas which typically include cheek bones, bridge of nose, forehead or chin and contouring is used to shadow or de-emphasize areas like the area just below the cheek bone, along the jaw line, sides of nose for slimming, and hair line of forehead. These techniques are customized to the shape and needs of each individuals face. It takes a little practice but done properly will look beautiful.

  1. Define your Brows

As we age brows and lashes tend to thin out. Find a brow tint in powder with a thin angled brush. It doesn’t take much product to give the appearance of thicker brows. If I could only choose one makeup item for my face it would be brow powder. Get with a professional makeup artist to teach you how to get the correct color and shape for your face.

  1. Thicken your Lashes

Two coats of mascara to really thicken the lashes is a must. If your lashes are too thin then you will want to consider wearing eyelashes. Again having a professional makeup artist train you in how to pick the right eyelash shape and how to properly apply them will make all the difference it keeping it looking natural.

  1. Soften your Liner on the Eyes

In my experience liquid eyeliners can be a little harsh on mature skin. I like a softer look. You can still use black liners, but by using a push brush and a little black eye shadow you can create just the right emphasis that isn’t harsh. Keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible.

  1. Use a light peachy lip-gloss

For the lips, a gloss does a lot to give a plumper appearance. I keep a peachy tinted gloss near me always. For evening looks you can add a liner that is slightly darker than your gloss and apply just outside the edge of your lip to give it a fuller look. Then top the liner with a gloss. Stay away from dark matt lipsticks that will make the lips look smaller.

  1. Brighten up

Brighten dull skin using warm peachy colors and a HD illuminating foundation that is a ½ shade lighter than your skin tone. This will do a great deal to brighten up your face and keep the look more natural and fresh.

As I mentioned in the beginning the sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence. Confidence is tied to your attitude, not to your age. Beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. If you are uncomfortable with any of these makeup techniques consult with a professional makeup artist or hop on You Tube for the many tutorials available online.

If you would like to schedule a private workshop with me in my studio to learn more about proper application techniques customized to your facial shape and tone, feel free to contact me directly.

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photo credit / Adriane Jevnick