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Using A Highlighter: Choosing The Right One For Your Skin Tone
by Kelly Reising

  If you have never used highlighter before you are in for a treat. The purpose of highlighter is to enhance your features in the best way possible. Highlighters do this by bouncing light off of your face to give you… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Brows: The Microblading Phenomenon
by Kelly Ann Stafford

During my most recent visit to L.A. I bumped into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in atleast 15 years. We ended up spending the afternoon reminiscing over the good ol’ days while polishing off a bottle of wine… Continue Reading →

Makeup Tips for Women Over 40 by Professional Makeup Artist Jamie Fawn

I love that women are making 40’s plus look so sexy. I’m not talking about actresses or models that have access to a multitude of surgical and non-surgical treatments, high-end skin products and incredible wardrobes. I see beautiful women over… Continue Reading →

How Long Should You Keep Your Cosmetics? The UGLY Truth Behind Beauty Products
by Krista Frazier

So we all know throwing away cosmetics is painful, especially if they are expensive. But, let’s get real, Cosmetics trap BACTERIA! The FDA does NOT REQUIRE cosmetic manufacturers to include expiration dates on beauty product labels. Once a cosmetic package… Continue Reading →

BOLD lips
by Professional Makeup Artist Jamie Fawn

I’m in love with bright, bold, sexy lips! Berry, orange, red and pink shades are all the rage. While they may not be for everyday, they can make an impact when needed. Bold lips will mean the rest of the… Continue Reading →

Jamie Fawn
Professional Makeup Artist

Jamie Fawn is an accomplished hair and makeup artist who’s work has been featured in and on the covers of magazines, campaigns, editorial and commercial layouts and much more… Her experience and collaborations with renowned photographers and stylists shows her… Continue Reading →

Contouring 101…
by Professional Makeup Artist Jamie Fawn

Contouring is key, but in a more subtle way rather than the overdone techniques made so popular by Kim K. and the alike. Even the no makeup look includes contouring of the face. First, let me define facial contouring… Contouring… Continue Reading →

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