I absolutely love MAC Paint Pots. This is a must have in my makeup kit. I’m never with out this product…. Ever! I use it every day on my own eyes and every client I work on. My 2 favorite colors are Soft Ochre and Painterly, but I use several of the other colors as well.

MAC Paint Pots primary purpose is to be used as a cream base, easy to apply and easy to blend eye shadow. It is highly pigmented, longwearing (up to 15 hours) and as a bonus it is waterproof! This makes it great for summer wear, at the beach or wedding wear. You can apply it with your fingertips or use a flat concealer brush like MAC’s pointed tip concealer brush #195.

I will occasionally use this product alone as a quick eye shadow application for a fresh light day look. However, I prefer to use MAC Paint Pots as my eye shadow primer. Why you ask? Because, it stops your eye shadow from creasing and it “grabs” and “intensifies” the eye shadow you apply over it. Plus, the paint pot makes your eye shadow stay on all day and all night. In my opinion, it is the best eye primer on the market.

Never apply this product anywhere except on your eyelid. Eyelids tend to be the oiliest part of our face and that is why our eye shadows will crease by the end of the day. MAC Paint Pots have a sort of oil absorbing or drying effect, that is what makes them so amazing and long wearing. But, you do not want to dry under the eye, that will age you – no thanks! So, be careful to apply them only to the eyelid and to just above the crease of your eyelid.

One trick in making a heavy black smokey eye is using MAC’s Paint Pot in Blackground. Apply the cream just on the lid of your eye and blend out with a fluffy brush. Cover with a light coat of black eye shadow blending out the edges to soften. Apply black eyeliner to the top and bottom waterline and add black mascara. Done!

MAC Paint Pots come in .17 oz glass jars and cost $22. That may seem expensive, but it isn’t. A jar will last you for a very, very long time. However, be sure to keep the lid on tight, these guys can dry out and then they are useless. I usually scoop out a very tiny amount and close the lid right away. When I say tiny amount – I mean ½ the diameter of a pencil eraser.

Go get yourself a paint pot, You will be hooked I’m sure!!