Christmas is just around the corner, do you know what to get your man? As a man, I rarely have any idea of what I want for the holiday, but that never stops those who love me from trying to pinpoint my desires and pick out the perfect gift.

If your man is not giving you the right hints you need to pick out the best Christmas gift this year, then how about checking out or top Guy Gifts for Christmas. We’ve scoured the shelves to find out which gifts are the best deals of the day, which ones are moderately priced, and of course which ones are flat outrageous when it comes to being overpriced. So regardless of your budget, there’s a gift idea for everyone.

The Frugal Finds

If you are shopping on a budget, then that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice finding the perfect gift. In fact, there are a ton of great options for the budget conscious shopper including practical gifts and fun, goofy items that will surely make your man smile.

JLab Audio JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds

What man doesn’t love to pop in his headphones, crank his favorite tunes and get to work out in the shop? Believe it or not, ear buds are a great option at a very reasonable price. Our top pick for best-priced earbuds: jlab_buds

These puppies have a lifetime warranty and are under $5 bucks. Sure there are more expensive earbuds out on the market, but for less than a Lincoln, you can’t go wrong with a new set of ear rockets.


Meridian Point Desk Dart Board

 If you are looking for a bit more fun, then why not give your man a fun game for his man cave or office? This magnetic dartboard is perfect for a quick play, making it very easy to set up and break down. At a price point under $10, this gift idea hits the bulls-eye.

DEWALT MT16 Multi-Tool 

dewalt Every man needs a solid go to multi-tool. So why is this year any different? There are a ton of multi-tools out on the market, but the Dewalt is a solid choice based on performance and price. At just $24.97 this masterpiece offers 16 different tools including knives, screw drivers, and scissors to name a few.

The Affordable Options

For those of us looking to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank, but also not paying with pennies, then our next category is perfect for you. Our affordable options showcase reasonably priced gift ideas with quality in mind.

Harry Koenig Shave Setshave2 For those who love a bit of sophistication, who can turn down an old fashion shave kit? This silver masterpiece offers a beautifully designed stand for your man’s razor, shaving cream dish and cream brush making it perfect for those who love a close shave. Pricepoint: $31.99

Everyday IPA Kit

beer Is your man a connoisseur of everything liquid? Does he love to build things and tinker around in his shop? Then why not offer him a real incentive to show his creative side with this homebrew kit? The kit makes a gallon of IPA beer and includes racking cane, thermometer, and case, tubing clamp and pipe, 1-gallon fermenting jug, sanitizer pack, air lock, jar cap, yeast, Columbus hops and instructions for $59.99.

ThinkGeek Death Star Waffle Maker

 Looking for a themed gift for your nerdy guy? How about a cute little death star waffle maker? This gift is great for two reasons. One it makes breakfast easy, and two, it’s just plain awesome! The Death Star Waffle Maker comes in at $40 from ThinkGeek. Offering a 7-inch waffle size, non-stick cooking surface, and only weighs 2lbs. Perfect for an on-the-go gift, or one that feels just at home sitting on the kitchen counter.

The Safe Route

If you’re the more conservative shopper, then it’s only fair to offer up some of our “safe” ideas for this year’s festivities. Our safe choices are based on staple go-to gift ideas that provide practical use, universal need, and common ground for just about every man on the planet.

Chunky Wool Beanie

beanie Sure, your man will probably never say “I’m cold, ” but that doesn’t mean he’s not. Conveniently, Christmas is also during winter, meaning that your man needs a little warmth in his closet, thus our first safe route choice, the Chunky Wool Beanie. This beanie is perfect for both a lumberjack and professional businessman coming in at $28.

Oliver Leather Touchscreen Gloves

honns A tech lover’s dream. These sleek and fashionable gloves also offer touchscreen technology, meaning you never have to let your little piggies get cold when checking your phone. As the world continues to plug into the modern world, your man doesn’t have to feel left out with these top of the line leather gloves. Price point: $138.00.

Field Day Date Watch

watch2 For years, the watch has been a go-to gift idea for all men. This year is no different. If your man is looking for a beautiful accessory that exudes confidence, then our choice for the top watch has to go to Field Day Date. Swiss made, this black leather and ivory cast watch offers anti-reflective crystal and is waterproof up to 200 meters. Cost: $600.00.

The Outrageous Options

So what about the rich and famous? Our shocking picks are so over the top the purchase itself is a gift. These gift ideas are not only questionable as to “why” you would need them, but also offer a sticker shock that can make even the wealthiest cringe. Here are our outrageous top picks for Christmas 2016.

Virgin Oceanic


Does your man love adventure? Would he fall in love with a trip into the depths of the deep blue sea? Well if so, then you’re in luck because for a measly $10 million dollars, your man can team up with Virgin Oceanic and go for a joyride. Of course, work is still in progress on this endeavor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy your man a place on the waiting list.

Amour, Amour Dog Collar



If you are looking to compliment your man’s best friend, then how about a $3.2 million dollar dog collar? Yep, that’s right, the Amour Dog Collar offers a whopping 1,600 diamonds, crocodile leather strap, and white gold. Giving your man’s best friend the most expensive dog collar in the world, not to mention the envy of all your dog’s friends.

Tateossian Meteorite Cuff-links

cufflinks Need a little deep space in your wardrobe? Want to dazzle your friends and guests with the sparkle of a real-life meteorite? This 18 karat gold, silver Spazio and meteorite cufflinks can be under your tree this Christmas for only $1,350. Of course, Tateossian offers a broad range of other cuff-links if meteorites are not your thing.

And there you have it folks, our top choices for 2016 Christmas. Whether you are looking for a cheap and easy gift, a goofy but fun item, or wanting to follow the safe route, there are a ton of options out there for you this year. Even for those more “eclectic” men who want to tour the deep blue sea, or show off their style with a little deep space memorabilia, there’s something for everyone in this year’s shopping cart.