Whether you are a snow bunny or just looking to get ahead of the summer curve, having a well defined, toned and shapely backside is always a must. Finding the right kind of exercises to flex those muscles can often times be difficult, but with a little bit of time and research, I found some of the most popular, rewarding and defining bottom builders in the health and fitness arena. While you can’t just go out and start doing butt curls to get a nice apple bottom, there are some factors you need to consider when defining and shaping your glutes.Time is always a factor, most of these can be done in the privacy of your home and with only a few minutes a day you will start seeing results. Always check with your physician before starting a workout routine to avoid injuries and to know which exercises will help you to achieve your maximus goal.

Top Middle Bottom

Buttock Muscles AnatomyJust like any muscle, your glutes have three main areas that make up the shape, design, tone and overall look. So you can’t just take a standard lunge program, decide to beef it up to 10,000 reps and expect to see a well-rounded butt. Instead, focusing on a variety of workouts is key to any regime making sure that every area of your butt is given the attention it needs to look and feel great.


Okay, so as mentioned before, lunges are a very easy, effective and proven way to start working your butt off. And depending on your level of mastery, lunges can be done in a variety of ways, including the use of supplemental weight to give you added benefit and calorie burning madness.


Squats1If you are looking for a bit more of a stationary workout that also stretches your butt to the max, then try a set of squats. Using either you own body weight, dumbbells or even bar bells, one can easily change up their weight and results. Once you get the hang of stationary squats and want to take your workout to the next level, how about walking squats, or A.K.A. walking lunges.

Hip Thrusts

Hip RaisesTo focus on the lower part of your glutes, this exercise is perfect for toning up your butt and giving you an extra pop when it comes to where the rubber meets the road, or in this case, where you butt meets your legs. To amp up your workout, you can use a variety of weights and place them on your stomach. While lying on your back, simply begin thrusting your hips in the air using your legs as counters. Rinse and Repeat.

Step Up

fitness, sport, training, aerobics and people concept - close upFor those of you looking for a less impact workout with real benefits, then go for the step up routine. This easy to follow exercise gives you the convenience of working out just about anywhere, while still offering powerful butt toning power. You can take part in a class, use gym stack equipment, stairs, or any other raised surface to maximize your step up routine.

Back Extension

Back exerciseSo far we have covered exercises that work the middle and bottom of your butt, but how does one work the top of their butt? This area is a bit more difficult and the best way to maximize your workouts is to consider the lower back type routines. Back extensions are a great way to workout the areas where your back muscles and butt meet giving you a fuller and more defined backside.

No matter how much you love to hate your workouts, one thing no one can deny is that by giving a little love and care to your glutes can be the difference between an eye turner at the beach this summer, and a convulsive reaction that burns an image into a persons mind for years to come. So don’t skip butt day – get out there to show off your hard earned apple bottoms!