Have you ever wondered why your home always feels out of whack? No matter how clean you keep it, no matter how great your furniture selections, decorations and color palate, something always seems off? Well that could be because your home layout is obstructing the natural order of things, otherwise known as Feng Shui.

What Is Feng Shui?

Control Emotions.Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical practice that aims to harmonize your surroundings. Based on the foundation of Qi, a movable positive or negative life force, Feng Shui looks to balance the layout, design, and functionality of space to allow for open energy flow and increased well being. Combined with your personal polarity, or your personal element based on the core five elements, water, earth, fire, and air, Feng Shui can help to balance your energy flow by maximizing your space, design and layout.

Does It Really Help Your Surroundings

Feng Shui has been used throughout history, and even though it has recently gained popularity in the United States, many believe that your home is a reflection of your mind, materializing your mental state into physical representations. With that being said, having a room cluttered and unorganized can cause your mind to remain in a fog, sluggish and experience easy fatigue, where as if your room is open, clear, and well lit, it allows for your mind to become open, creative, and sharp.

Ying Yang

Ying Yang

It is also said that Feng Shui can help the natural balance of material energies giving you a healthier atmosphere to promote positive energy and overall well being. As a proven scientific fact, every individual, object, plant and animal has an electrical field associated with it. This being the yin and yang to all life. By harnessing this power, and understanding it’s natural flow you can maximize your living spaces to promote healthy Qi, or energy flow. Think of it like a magnet. You have two options when it comes to a magnet, opposing sides that resist each other with all it’s force, or attracting sides, which effortlessly connect and bond in a way that can be almost impossible to separate.

Most Popular Feng Shui Designs

Modern Luxury Dining Room - Home StylingThere are two common Feng Shui practices in the United States. While there are countless ways to organize and design your home, these two are the most commonly found practices in the West.

Aspirations Feng Shui

This school of thought is all based upon positioning. By aligning the coordinates of your home or building to line up with specific life aspirations, one can promote a directed sense of energy to help you with health, finances, family, fame and more. This practice is based on the Eight Life Aspirations Each directional layout directly relates to an element and aspiration. New Home InteriorFor example, If you would like to focus on your health, then organizing your home to flow to the east, while decorating with wood, dark green colors, and rectangle layouts are best for this aspiration. Another example of Aspiration Feng Shui would be to focus on your career. For those looking to boost their career, their directional support comes from the North, aligning their energy flow to this direction while incorporating water elements into their home, blue colors, and wavy designs.

Black Sect Feng Shui

This school of thought is based upon leveraging the basic principles of Feng Shui and combining them with the element of transcendence. Fresh bamboo leaves over waterOften times a more spiritual approach to your design and typically focuses on the interior of your space as opposed to the physical layout, this practice relates each of the eight sectors to a certain aspect of ones life.