As a professional makeup artist I love learning new things and trying new products. I use high quality products and products with big pay off, but that doesn’t always mean they have to cost and arm and a leg. Finding a product that rocks with a lower price point is like striking gold!

Thanks to a fellow artist and dear friend of mine, Julie Spero of Moxie Salon, I’ve been turned on to what is now my absolute favorite lip-gloss, L’oreal Infallible Le Gloss 8hr.

A lip-gloss that lasts 8 hours, costs under $10 and delivers the most incredible multi-dimension color. (Bonus: I’ve just discovered they have added a new line with a plumping effect too! Even better. You have to try it to believe it!) It can be worn alone for a more sheer look or fill your entire lips in with a lip liner of your choice and cover with the gloss for a more dramatic look.

I currently have tried (and love) the shimmery colors in 505, 405, 206, 125 and 305, but will be returning to the store for some of the solid colors, especially in reds and nudes with plumping effects.