Are you thinking about skipping the gym today because you hate your leg day routine? Most people don’t focus on their legs and miss out on two of the potentially strongest muscles in their body, the thighs and hamstrings. If you are like me, then leg day always taunts my dedication with, “I have worked out three days this week”, or “I have great looking legs, I don’t need to work them”.

Everyone knows that if you don’t work out proportionally, you can find yourself looking quite ridiculous. If running around with chicken legs is not incentive enough to be sure and hit the gym on leg day, then consider the scientific benefit of working those thighs.

Studies show that a strong leg workout greatly improves your bodies natural production of anabolic muscle building hormones, helping your entire body build size and strength faster. By not working out your legs, thighs, and glutes, you are not only missing out on a proportionally correct body, but not getting the full potential of healthy hormones and energy needed to benefit your entire body.

There are some very simple ways to stay in the leg game while not over doing your routine or finding excuses not to hit the gym.

  • House Lunges – Have you ever considered turning walking around in your home as an exercise? The beauty of lunges is that they can be done anywhere. Your private home, at a park, on a trail, wherever you choose! Just get out there and lunge baby! 
  • Chair Calf Flex – Do you sit at a desk most of the day? Are you constantly feeling like you don’t get enough walking exercise? Try the chair calf flex routine to break up your day and work out your calves. Simple lift your heels in the air while flexing your calf muscles, similar to how you would in the gym. Repeat the process for 10-15 reps and see how much a little exercise can do for your legs.
  • Wall Squats – When I think of squats, it reminds me of big body builders hefting massive weight bars up and down. I have no interest in becoming the next big body builder. But to be honest, squats don’t have to be all that, and often times people mistake the benefit of the exercise. Squats work your entire upper leg sections including your glutes, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good glute!

It is said that an individual should workout each body part at least one time per week, and up to three times per week depending on the goal and muscles. That means skipping out on leg day is a huge factor in your daily routine for living a healthy and strong lifestyle. If you are looking to tone your thighs, improve your calf definition, and rock a tight dress that shows off your glutes, then skipping leg day is not an option. Whether you need to go to a gym for support, need a walking partner, or can manage to lunge around while doing housework, no matter how you get it done, make sure you always do your leg day.

Think about it, legs are basically half of our bodies. If we are not hitting our leg routine each week with the rest of our body routines, then we are neglecting half of our bodies need for strong, healthy, and beautiful looking muscles. That in itself is motivation enough for me to continue heading towards the gym, even if the evil leg day fairy is still whispering in my ear, “you went to the gym yesterday”.