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Summer Egg Salad
by Dagmar Voracek

What you will need: 6-8 eggs, depending on their size 1/3 of a small white onion ½ cup of cubed sausage (optional) Variety of fresh vegetables (cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes…) Mayonnaise or Greek yogurt (about 4 tbl spoons) 1 tbl… Continue Reading →

Music For The Soul
by Tommy Smith

There’s no question that millions of people rely on their 5 senses every day to function throughout life, but some find certain senses more prevalent than others, for example the sense of sound. Music continues to be a respite for… Continue Reading →

Tiramisu Dessert – Simplified
by Dagmar Voracek

What you will need: 2 Packages of Whipped Cream Cheese 2 Cups of Heavy Whipping Cream – whipped 3/4 Cup Powdered Sugar (Adjust to your liking) 2 Packages of Lady Fingers 1 Cup of Brewed Coffee (Strong) ½ Cup of… Continue Reading →

Dieting Like an Olympic Champion
by Tommy Smith

With the 2016 Rio Olympic games well under way one thing stands out among every athlete from all corners of the world, each one is in tip top shape. While it’s understood that it takes hours upon hours of training,… Continue Reading →

Using A Highlighter: Choosing The Right One For Your Skin Tone
by Kelly Reising

  If you have never used highlighter before you are in for a treat. The purpose of highlighter is to enhance your features in the best way possible. Highlighters do this by bouncing light off of your face to give you… Continue Reading →

Netflix and Chill
by Dagmar Voracek

Last week my co-workers and I were sitting at an airport gate in Chicago, waiting to board a delayed airplane. Our conversation shifted to the topic of men and dating. My friend started reminiscing about the possible best gift she… Continue Reading →

Veggie Fritters with Smoked Salmon
by Dagmar Voracek

What You Will Need: 2 Medium Size Potatoes 1 Small – Medium size Green Zucchini 1/3 of a Cauliflower 1 Greek Yogurt (Plain) – for Fritters and for Garnish 2 Eggs 4 Tablespoons of Flour Salt & Pepper Coconut Oil… Continue Reading →

The Skinny on Salmon
by Tommy Smith

Growing up in Texas, I was most definitely a meat and potatoes guy, however I remember clearly the first time in my life I ever tried salmon, an experience that would change my favorite food group immediately. It was a… Continue Reading →

Fashion: Hot New Fall Trends 2016
by Kelly Reising

   Each fall when the gigantic issues of the fashion magazines come out, we all eagerly await what the style trends will be. Fall fashion is hot right now, being that Summer is coming to an end. So looking to… Continue Reading →

The Pro’s and Con’s of Deleting Dairy
by Tommy Smith

I’ll admit, I grew up on whole milk and while I moved around the United States, slowly I found myself sampling various forms of milk until I was hooked on 2% for the longest. Now living back in Texas, I… Continue Reading →

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