What you will need:

2 Packages of Whipped Cream Cheese

2 Cups of Heavy Whipping Cream – whipped

3/4 Cup Powdered Sugar (Adjust to your liking)

2 Packages of Lady Fingers

1 Cup of Brewed Coffee (Strong)

½ Cup of Rum or Amaretto Liqueur (or Artificial Rum Flavor)

Cocoa Powder (Unsweetened or if Served to Children use Sweetened One)

Optional Garnish:

Extra Whip Cream, Mint, Chocolate Coffee Beans, Wafers for Garnish, or fresh Fruit


IMG_8811Depending on the occasion, you can choose to serve this dessert in martini glasses or cut in squares, in which case you can use an 8” square pan to make it. Line the bottom of the pan with lady fingers. Using a spoon, keep drizzling brewed coffee over them, until the whole surface is moist. Sprinkle with Rum or Amaretto. Whip the heavy cream and little by little combine in a bowl with the whipped cream cheese. Add sugar, adjusting the volume to your liking. Gently spread the creamy layer over the lady fingers. Repeat this process, leaving a layer of the creamy mixture on top. The dessert will need to rest in the refrigerator overnight, covered with a plastic lid or plastic wrap. The cocoa has a tendency to soak in the cream, so it is best to dust the surface shortly before serving. If you opt for serving it in a glass, adjust the amount of ladyfingers, breaking them in half to fit the glass. Dress up the Tiramisu with wafers, chocolate or even fresh berries!

This is a fast; yet fancy looking dessert that will surely impress your family and your guests!

Photo credit / Duke Morse Photography