woman enjoying her comfortable terraceMost everyone loves the idea of having a beautiful and relaxing space to call their own. When it comes to outdoor living, people have come up with some extraordinary treasures. Knowing how to best utilize your space can be the difference between creating a welcoming oasis, and an eye sore. So next time you are considering updating your patio space, installing a new rock wall, or simply want some great ideas on how to spruce up your outside rooms, check out these top great designs.

The Sunken Treasure

Outdoor FireplaceIf you happen to live on a piece of land that has a certain degree of grade to it, don’t struggle trying to push your way to success, instead leverage your natural layout and create a wonderful living space. By digging into the upward slant of your hill, you can create a tiered level of living space, while designing your seating arrangement, fire place, and grill at the center of it all. Whether you are going for an inclusive circle design, or a sharp directional layout, the options are endless once you start seeing what that hill can do for integrating a beautiful outdoor living space.

The Outdoor Dining Room

Who said you have to be stuffed up in a formal room to enjoy a fancy dining experience? Setting the mood for an outdoor dining area is easy. Classy Patio DiningYou just need a few key elements to bring this design together. First, depending on your location, having a covered section of your space might be important due to weather conditions. Secondly, integrating a stone fireplace to mimic your interior room is always an added bonus, and finally, position a full sized dinning room table into your space. Add some additional accent pieces to the area and you have just turned your outdoor patio into an elegant dining experience.

City Rooftops & Balconies

Interior design: Beautiful terrace lounge with pergolaNot everyone can enjoy the luxury of land and wide open spaces, and if you are a city dweller, then you don’t have to settle for not having an outdoor space of your own. Rooftop designs have been around since the beginning of high-rises. So if you are looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle, then why not try sprucing up your roof top. Beautiful balcony with small table, chair and flowers.Some easy to manage and low maintenance turf grass is a fast way to get your greens glowing, combined with a design of wood plank walkways, you can sprinkle in flower beds and potted plants throughout to give your rooftop a cohesive design.
For smaller balconies and patios, adding a pop of color in your fabric choices and plants to liven up the space can make the area feel more welcoming.

 Stone Pathways

Stone Walkway In The GardenWe aren’t talking about the Hobbit here, but having an alluring path to a secret getaway has been one of my most favorite aspects of using outdoor spaces. If you are looking for a cute, creative, and lighthearted way to enjoy your outdoor space, then spacing stones that offer as a path to your outdoor oasis is a perfect solution. Try using different shapes and sizes to add to the whimsical feel as you find yourself discovering how much fun it can be to follow the path to your outdoor space. To keep the theme, try incorporating the stone in your final destination. Create a fire pit, stone benches using the same type of stones, or large boulders to outline the boundaries of your space.

Slab Central

Outdoor Dining And PoolA more modern and easy to maintain outdoor space is using the newest innovations of concrete home décor. If you have ever seen a concrete counter top, you know that with the proper molding, one can create just about any design they want when it comes to this medium. That’s why considering this design is so great when it comes to outdoor spaces. You can literally create a bench that holds a planters pot with the utmost ease. One thing to consider when choosing concrete design is that you can soften up the hard look and feel by incorporating flower beds, running water features, and other softer elements to help balance this particular design idea.