Hello friends, if you are excited about this year’s awards ceremony, then you are not to be disappointed! With the Oscars just around the corner, you can expect nothing less than red carpet frenzy from television hosts grabbing quick interviews, to who wore it best news popping up seconds after a red carpet arrival, to the very own awards themselves. This is a short recap of this year’s top movies, actors, actresses, and nominations! So hold onto your knickers, it’s going to prove to be another wild ride on the red carpet this year!

It wouldn’t be right to not mention this year’s host, and we hope to see a more polished and experienced performance this year from Chris Rock. This isn’t Chris’s first rodeo, he first hosted the Oscars back in 2005 so he knows a few tricks of the trade to keep the awards moving, while dropping in a few comical lines for entertainment. I am looking forward to see how Chris handles this years hosting performance.

So what did Oscar say were the best movies of 2016? Well the list is quite impressive and definitely has more depth than most year’s nominations. With no further adieu, the 2016 Best Picture nominations are: The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn, Mad Max Fury Road, The Martian, The Revenant, Room and Spotlight. Talk about deep content! On a personal note, my favorite was by far The Revenant. I love the director Alejandro González Iñárritu and his take on these true events will give you a sense of awe, terror and beauty all at the same time.

With all the news on Hollywood’s inequality of pay, I thought it only right to list the next categoryon purpose. Actress in a Leading Role! So, without anymore delay, who were the best ladies on the big screen? The actress in a leading role nominations are: Cate Blanchett for her stunning performance in Carol, Brie Larson in Room, Jennifer Lawrence in her showcased performance in Joy, Charlotte Rampling for her timeless portrayal in 45 Years, and finally Saoirse Ronan for playing a leading role in Brooklyn. These great ladies of the big screen showed us that you can command presence while maintaining your beauty and elegance without compromising to the double standards of Hollywood, so get out there and support our women and watch their films!

Moving on to the hunky men of the big screen, our next category covers the Best Actor in a Leading Role. If you are looking for a year of diversity, then 2016 has just that. With these nominations, you can find just about every type of man you are looking for on the red carpet. The 2016 Actor in a Leading Role choices are: Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant, Bryan Cranston in Trumbo, Matt Damon for his performance in The Martian, Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs and finally, Eddy Redmayne for his outstanding performance in the Danish Girl.

Whether you are a movie buff or not, the choices for 2016 are by far some of the best of the best that I have seen. The range of performance, content, and delivery are outstanding and I am excited to sit back with my bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate while I enjoy a little humor from Chris Rock and find out who gets the best award for their performance. On a personal note, I would love to see Leonardo finally nab an award, and I’ve always been a fan of the timeless Cate Blanchett. My prediction of Best Film has to go to Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks due to its deep content, stunning visuals, and outstanding performance by one of the best actors in the industry.oscars