Living on Renewable Energy

RV by a LakeCurrently, one of my goals in life is to create enough income flow to buy a small RV, hit the road and enjoy the countryside. Nothing sounds more peaceful to me than watching a glass surface lake at dusk, or enjoying a fire’s crackling wood dancing in the night. One thing that I know I will need when I’m not hitching up at the local RV hot spot, is an alternative form of energy. Sure, I could opt in for the loud, smelly and expensive generator route, but what about other options? So I began my search to find out just what kind of solar options are out there in the world and see which ones might actually work for me.

I decided to focus on two areas of interest, one to satisfy my free spirit and the other to appeal to the more practical side of my personality. While there are a ton of solar energy solutions out there, here are two of the biggest categories that I found interesting.

Off The Grid Renewable

Solar Photovoltaic Off GridFor those looking to take their lives in their own hands, off the grid living has become more and more popular over the years. Returning the roots of humanity and learning to live off the land, rely on your own self for all sustainable resources, and of course enjoy a little comfort. When living off the land there are three basic elements that you can pull from; sun, water, and air. So finding a spot that offers you the right balance of elements can be the difference between having partial power, and a full time power grid.

  • Solar Power – One of the easiest to use and often times install, solar power harnesses the power of the sun through panel technology. More specifically, these panels capture solar cells within wafer thin cells and covert those solar cells directly into energy.
  • Micro Hydro – This method is also another great way to build up your energy resource. It does require a bit more construction and relies on consistent water flow so if you are near a river or stream that fluctuates quite often, then that is a factor you should be aware of. The basics of hydro electricity is that turbines placed in the stream are rotated and transfer a current to charge up a battery system.
  • Wind TurbinesWind Power – Another great way to harness Mother Earth’s natural energy source is building your very own windmill. Windmills use airflow to transfer their rotation into high intensity gear components that ultimately transfer that energy into a generator.

Urban Renewable Energy

So what if you don’t like the idea of growing out a beard, throwing on some camo pants, and hitting the open trail? There are countless ways to enjoy solar energy solutions within modern society, and knowing how to best equip your home with the right energy savings program can not only save you money on average bills, but can give you a sense of environmental responsibility.

  • Solar Panel InstallationSolar Panels – Absolutely the most common of the urban renewable resources available, these panels come in all shapes and sizes making your home easy to build and adapt to this technology. Normally seen installed on the roof for the best sun access these beauties are great for saving your some extra cash when it comes to your electric bill.
  • Rooftop Turbines – If you live in an area notorious for its straight line winds, then investing into a rooftop turbine might be a great solution for you. With the constant churning of your turbine, you can capture that reliable source of energy and turn it into a great source of power.
  • River Power – If you are lucky enough to live on a channel, river, or other water source that offers consistent water flow, then investing into a river powered hydro electric system can be a wonderful way to tap into the natural power source right at your back door.

So, why be left in the dark when you can go green, save money and have a dependable power source on, or off the grid.