I worked a fashion show recently that was sponsored by Stila Cosmetics and fell in love with one of their primers called One Step Correct.

I was working on a model with Rosacea on her cheeks and I had 20 minutes to make her look flawless. It was my first time to use Stila Cosmetics, so I was sweating bullets not having my own personal kit of items I was familiar with using for Rosacea.

I grabbed the Stila One Step Correct clear tube filled with a creamy swirl of lavender, green and peach product thinking it was mostly fancy packaging and expecting little results. How can this thin product cover any imperfections let alone Rosacea?

I was used to using thick cake concealer in green to cancel the red. Thick color corrector concealers require a lot of blending and leave a green alien glow that you have to cover with foundation. However, two pumps of Stila One Step Correct later, I dabbed my foundation brush into some of the product, applied it over her entire face and was literally picking my jaw up off the floor when the redness disappeared instantly. This product cut my prep time down significantly, which is huge when you are in a time crunch. I also love the consistency of this product! It worked fabulously on my models face, but will be an absolute game changer on more mature skin too.

This stuff is pure magic and a must have in any makeup kit no matter the age. Not only does it act as multi purpose color-corrector, but it is also a primer, brightener and anti-aging skincare serum that is so easy to apply and requires minimal blending. It hydrates, reduces fine lines and pores, controls oils on the face and as a bonus, it contains a mineral complex to nourish your skin. The green neutralizes redness, lavender counteracts sallow undertones and the peach brightens skin tones. Totally worth the $36.00.  https://www.stilacosmetics.com/products/one-step-correct