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Transformation Tuesday: 50 Floor
by Kelly Ann Stafford

Whether you are simply looking to add a fresh coat of paint to liven up a room, or do a complete overhaul of your master bath, we all have that one thing in our home we would like to change…. Continue Reading →

Smooth-E Leave-In Conditioner & Straightening Balm from Capelli Hair Care
by Kelly Ann Stafford

When it comes to hair care products, I have pretty much tried them all. Dropping $100 on the “newest miracle” to hit the market with the promise of restoring my bleached out, dry and dull locks was a common occurrence…. Continue Reading →

Beautiful Brows: The Microblading Phenomenon
by Kelly Ann Stafford

During my most recent visit to L.A. I bumped into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in atleast 15 years. We ended up spending the afternoon reminiscing over the good ol’ days while polishing off a bottle of wine… Continue Reading →

Injectables: The Basics on Botox and Cosmetic Fillers
by Kelly Ann Stafford

I was 28 years old the first time I decided to try the new “age defying” injectable to hit the market. Living in L.A. and fighting back the frown lines was as common as getting a bikini wax, and keeping… Continue Reading →

Defying the Dimples this Swimsuit Season
by Kelly Ann Stafford

Despite age, race, sex or tax bracket, cellulite does not discriminate. From teenagers to menopausal moms (and dads), those unsightly dimples are something we all dread come swimsuit season. In my preparation for an upcoming beach visit I decided to… Continue Reading →

Chokers & Charms – Must Have Looks for 2016
by Kelly Ann Stafford

Chokers are a statement piece right now with every trend from Haute Couture to Boho Chic, and women of every age seem to be sporting this look. Whether your plans include chilling at Coachella or sipping champs with the ladies,… Continue Reading →

Organic Homes – Healthy or Risky?
by Kelly Ann Stafford

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful baby shower. In the midst of all the laughter and celebration I found myself standing in the kitchen grazing over the wide variety of petits fours and tea sandwiches… Continue Reading →

Fabulous Feet
by Kelly Ann Stafford

Sandal season has arrived! Time to get your piggies presentable and kick those calluses to the curb. Throughout the winter months I practically live in my boots, fuzzy socks or slippers, and I will admit I do not give my… Continue Reading →

Vanity Cuts Deep
by Kelly Ann Stafford

When it comes to cosmetic and plastic surgery there are many aspects you need to consider before going under the knife. Understand, I am speaking from experience and hopefully can shed some light on what to do, expect and ask… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Biotin
by Kelly Ann Stafford

One of the best vitamins out on the market that doesn’t get the publicity it deserves is a coenzyme and Vitamin B, otherwise known as biotin. This water soluble vitamin B compound is known for its ability to boost hair… Continue Reading →

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