Despite age, race, sex or tax bracket, cellulite does not discriminate. From teenagers to menopausal moms (and dads), those unsightly dimples are something we all dread come swimsuit season. Skin Staggered A CelluliteIn my preparation for an upcoming beach visit I decided to start torturing myself by deciding which swimsuits would be accompanying me on this vacay. It was a, “just rip the band-aid off” kind of moment considering I knew it had to happen at some point. As I pulled out the drawer, my anxiety set in… The reality is, I am a 45-year-old woman and I have cellulite. Do I need a support group to help me accept this? No. I understand I am not alone and even some of the fittest women I know have a dimple here or there, so that makes me feel a tad better. However, it is not something I am proud of and if I can fix it why not give it a shot? So, in an effort to battle my way through the aging process and defy the dimples, I thought it was time to explore some of the treatment options available for cellulite.

Burn Baby Burn

fitness, sport, training, aerobics and people concept - close upOf course, the most effective way to reduce your dimpled derrière is to get active. By exercising and reducing your overall body fat, you can remove one of the main components of cellulite. Because of the way our body is designed, we have an interwoven system of small tissues that hold fat in place. These tissues, or otherwise knows as septae, are often overburdened by excessive fat, causing fat cells to protrude and bulge out of the muscles. This is the overall cause and outcome of cellulite. By reducing the amount of fat in your body, and keeping your muscles active you will see a positive change in your dimpled areas.Cellulite and normal skin.

Topical Treatments

I must admit, I am normally all for the fast and easy solution when it comes to the promise of improving my appearance. However, one thing I have found is that traditionally, topical treatments do not work. attractive young caucasian woman isolated  on white background sSure a cream or wrap can sometimes give you a temporary “improvement” in your troubled areas, but using these methods to modify your body is a short lived state. Whether the cream claims to reduce your fat content, or thicken your skin to diminish the “appearance” of cellulite, one thing you can count on is that your cellulite is still there, and will stay there if you only use topical treatments. I can also personally state that with the cream I tried, after 2 minutes I felt like my legs were on fire!

Spa Treatments

Who doesn’t love a great massage while relaxing to soft music? Wonderful smelling oils and a great set of hands easing your tired muscles with gentle but firm rotations all sound fabulous! Did you also know that spa treatments are a way to treat cellulite? In today’s society it seems a “med spa” is opening on every corner. They offer everything from laser hair removal and skin resurfacing, to botox and cellulite treatment. If you are interested in how you can benefit from one of the latest treatments in ridding your body of these unwanted dents, contact a spa near you or your cosmetic surgeon to see what they offer. I looked into a few treatments to see which ones seemed to be the most popular, and after a little research these three are said to be your top choices:

– This series of deep tissue massages boasts the cheapest price tag in most spa’s offering fast and quick results when it comes to cellulite treatment – I even found a groupon for $35 per session while searching online. If you are looking for a temporary way to look better, while not overspending, then endermologie may be right for you.

VelaShape – FDA Approved cellulite and skin smoothing treatment. After reading the reviews, some claim it is rather uncomfortable and can cause slight bruising. However, most were pleased with their results. This treatment uses energies known as elos™ to target and heat the fatty tissues. In addition, the suction and tissue manipulation helps to even out the skin to provide a smoother, tighter appearance. Depending on the amount of cellulite you have it can take up to 3-4 treatments before you reach your desired goal.

TriActive – Laser Treatment: Of all three, this last option claims to have the best results and most long lasting solution, with a price tag of course. Incorporating massage, suction and a “flashlight” like treatment, this laser sends energy in the form of heat to the treated areas causing the skin and collagen to tighten. triactive body-contouring

Knowing we are not alone in our quest to be dimple free is comforting. But let’s face it, we all want to feel confident while getting our vitamin D and lounging around the pool in a caftan is not the way to go! Get moving, lower the fat content in your diet, or hit the spa for a quick fix before running your toes through the sand.