Ah, that sweet sunshiny citrus fruit. Small, perfect, and yellow to the core. You can’t beat a lemon for a variety of uses in all sorts of things. Ever had a Meyer lemon? Just perfect in every way. Lemon. Ripe Lemons Hanging On A Lemon Tree. Growing LemonCulinary delights and lemonade are a couple that come to mind as well. Did you know that you can use lemon for different beauty treatments right in your own home? It’s just that easy to discover the beauty of lemons by buying a whole bag of them at your local farmer’s market.

Drink Those Lemons

Many people don’t drink enough water simply because they just aren’t a big fan of the taste of it. You can enhance your water by adding a few squeezes of lemon. It’s just basic spa water you make at home, but you’ll be amazed at how it increases your desire to drink plain water. The body needs adequate hydration each day. Many times when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty, so keeping delicious lemon water on hand could help you to lose weight in the long run. Try it to see how much extra water you’ll start drink. Aim for 48 ounces of lemon water per day. You are also getting a dose of vitamin C for each whole lemon that you use, it’s the equivalent of 30 mg of vitamin C.

Use Lemons For Beauty

DIY beauty treatments with lemons are super easy to make. For an all natural hair lightener, you can mix the juice of one lemon, and six drops of argan oil in a spray bottle. Then before you head out in the sun lightly mist your hair in the front, or all over for a way to get highlights that are kissed by the sun. Natural homemade fruit facial masks . Isolated.

Lemons also work well on the body. If you find that your elbows and knees have a dark cast to them, the lemons will also make them lighter. The citric acid helps to exfoliate the skin. Just cut a lemon in half and rub directly onto the skin. Do this a few times per week for the best results.

Have you been painting your nails too much to the point that they are yellow? A squeeze of lemon juice, with some extra virgin olive oil rubbed on the nail bed and left on for 15 minutes will help to get rid of the stains.

Wear Them For a Mood Boost

That’s right, wearing lemons can actually boost your mood. Now, we don’t mean wearing actual lemons around your neck or anything. The lemon print is a great way to showcase your love of the fruit. Lemons just make people happy! It’s definitely the cutest fruit of the whole bunch.


Draper James

Kate Spade has an adorable “Lemon Charm”($32) that you can put on a chain necklace or bracelet. Or Reese Witherspoon’s lifestyle brand, “Draper James” has “Emi Jay Lemon Hair Ties” ($6) that will do the trick. They come in a set of three handmade ties with her lemon print on them. Plus, 20 percent of the profits go to her literacy program for girls. So you’re doing something good by actually wearing her lemons!

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

Finally Lilly Pulitzer has you head to toe in lemons with her “Marlowe Boatneck T-Shirt Dress” ($98) in Pool Blue Pink Lemonade. Lemons of all different colors? Yes, please! This stylish dress will look amazing wherever you go.