Dagmar, born and raised in the Czech Republic, brings a little piece of Europe to the American dining table. Her passion is colorful, organic, home-made cuisine rich in flavors and fragrance. She believes that food is the universal language, the ultimate glue bringing family together and turning strangers into friends. Dagmar’s food romance is occasionally disturbed by what you may call a fashion affair – she’s a fashion model. Next to modeling, working for a large airline company, Dagmar is also a full time student and most importantly, a mom. She loves music, art, literature and writing. She is a natural giver who loves life and taking care of her loved ones.
“Only boring people are bored. My life is rich, full of flavors and colors – just like my food!”

FB Modeling Page: www.facebook.com/dagmarmodel 

Blog:  Beauty & Grains – www.beautyandgrains.blogspot.com 

Instagram: @DashaDagmar

Twitter: @DagmarDasha

photo credit / Duke Morse Photography