Now, I don’t mean grab your jersey and cleats cuz we’re hitting the field, but for those of us that could use a little extra padding and reinforced spandex to ensure our lady bits are at the top of their game when catching some rays, read on!

The first thoughts that pop into my mind when I think of that dreaded moment of entering the dressing room alone with my latest trends in swimwear are those of fear, intimidation and anxiety. HOW can I give so much control to a few pieces of flimsy fabric? Well, it’s easy. With the constant body shaming we see daily on social media and the judgments society as a whole have bestowed upon women to look a specific way, many of us feel this is the most important purchase of the year.

With everything else in our lives we can elude to the perception that life is great and we are a force to be reckoned with…But, once that door closes and the reality of what we consumed over the holiday season is staring us in the face, we become our own worst critics. We then bite the bullet, lift the strings off the hanger and pray.

This season we are gifted with more options than usual, which is comforting! I am a huge fan of the monokini because it gives you the feel of a two-piece, yet supplies an extra piece of fabric to help with the often stubborn mid section. I also appreciate the ruching many suits offer for those of us who have a less than ample backside, it gives your glutes and breasts a fuller, more lifted look. Many designers have also included long sleeves and high necklines to their collections for those of us looking to avoid any possibility of sun damage, or just prefer to hide as much as possible.

My biggest complaint with this years trends is that they are too low cut on the outer thigh. We all would like our legs to look lengthy and that does not help our cause. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking Brazilian or thong cut, just a little higher on the hip makes a world of difference.

In closing, I would like to give a few words of wisdom to the young ladies who have the luxury of spending their days at the gym, who haven’t experienced childbirth and who’s perky breasts stand up without the help of built in boning and support cups. One day, you will be that middle-aged mom who has barricaded herself in the next dressing room petrified to come out until your Taylor Swift ringtone exits the store. No, you’re not fat. No, the suit does not come in anything smaller than a size zero and last but not least, you do not need to spend 10 minutes at the 3-way mirror admiring yourself while the rest of us need to make carpool. Be kind, respectful and understand we are all in this together ~