The idea of soaking up the sun, while relaxing on the beach sipping a Mai Tai sounds like the perfect day. However, while you’re there why not take advantage of one of the most intoxicating workouts you will ever encounter. Did you know that surfing is a wonderful way to stay fit? If you are looking to have an amazing time, connect with nature, enjoy beautiful scenery and get a proper workout, then surfing is perfect for you! I will touch on some of the benefits of health and surfing and focus on how surfing in general can work out specific parts of your body, all while enjoying yourself.

Health Benefits of Surfing

  • Surfing surfer girl paddle for surf on surfboard. Female bikiniBlood Pumping– Everyone knows that there are two main types of workouts, strength training and cardio. Finding a fun activity that offers one of these workouts can be challenging, but finding one that has both can be super rewarding! Surfing is well known for its constant need of paddling to position yourself for the next wave and with all that constant movement, this boosts your heart rate, improving your cardiovascular system.
  • Stress ReliefTwo young ladies surfers running into sea with surf boardsWorking out is a great way to relieve stress. Add a beautiful backdrop, the soothing nature of water and a fun filled day with friends, surfing can be a great outlet when it comes to letting off a bit of steam and enjoying yourself again. It is also said that on-going and consistent workouts can alleviate depression, anxiety and other health risks.
  • Vitamin D – While this point comes with a disclaimer – “wear sunscreen”, spending time out in the sun is the body’s natural way to get the vitamin D it needs. So next time you gaze up at the sun, while sitting on your surf board waiting for the next wave, think of how much you are doing for your body by simply enjoying something that you love.

Surfing the Body

  • Surfer Girl.Cardio Workout – While it is no secret that getting yourself out to the perfect wave takes time and effort and trying to get out past the shore line a bit can be quite the challenge. Fighting waves can be exhausting, and trying to paddle your way past them on a floating device, can seem almost counterproductive. But regardless of how hard it seems, paddling your way to the beauty spot is a great cardio vascular workout.
  • Back and Arms – Working your back and arms is an ongoing part of surfing. With the need to continuously paddle to and from locations while trying to maintain your current position, your back and arms are getting a great strength training routine. The combination of fighting against the current and the resistance of the water gives your body a sustainable force to build strength and lean muscle.
  • Legs and Core – Getting to the wave is only the first part of surfing and if you are any good then actually catching the wave is what it’s all about. So how does riding your perfect tube help out your body? First, leaping from a laid down position to a standing position is quite a feat in its own, do that several hundred times a day and your arms and back will thank you. But we are here to talk about legs and core, so when you are finally up on your board, most find they have to partially squat to maintain proper balance, this gives your legs a serious workout! Combined with your focus on balance, your core is working to keep your body close to center, furthering your core workout.

happy couple in wetsuits with surfboard on a sunny daySo, next time you are at the beach grab a board, your significant other and take in a wave. Surfing is not only an exhilarating workout, it is also an incredible bonding experience, so share it with those close to you. If you are new to surfing, check out the instructors in the area and partake in a lesson or two to get you familiar and go from there!