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Bariatric Boom
by Tommy Smith

Living in Texas, where 32% of the population is considered obese, I’ve known quite a few people who have taken a leap of faith and gone under the knife in hopes to save their life. For the most part, many… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Smart Watches for Your Health
by Tommy Smith

Smartwatches are all the rage! Clever little devices that can manage your life alert you of appointments, birthdays and even your health. But do you know which smart fitness watches are the best? ┬áSure each smart watch offers some of… Continue Reading →

Your Thyroid and You
by Tommy Smith

My family has a history of thyroid problems, combined with my ex-wife’s introduction and treatment of hyperthyroidism, I’ve been around for quite a bit of experiences when it comes to you and your thyroid. Your thyroid is responsible for the… Continue Reading →

Surfing for Fitness – It’s a Thing!
by April Mann

The idea of soaking up the sun, while relaxing on the beach sipping a Mai Tai sounds like the perfect day. However, while you’re there why not take advantage of one of the most intoxicating workouts you will ever encounter…. Continue Reading →

Seeing a Stroke
by Tommy Smith

Strokes are reported as the 4th leading cause of death in the United States resulting in someone dying due to this sudden life taker every four minutes. Strokes are not limited to the older generation, young people are being struck… Continue Reading →

Biking Made Fun
by Tommy Smith

Exercising has become a way of life in today’s modern society and while most people find a gym as the best motivational atmosphere, others take to the trails, country roads and their very own neighborhoods to keep in shape and… Continue Reading →

Waist Training – Understanding the Risks
by Tommy Smith

Many women dream of society’s perception of the perfect female measurements that resemble the iconic hourglass. While most humans in general are not blessed with this extreme proportion, more and more women are training their bodies to fit into this… Continue Reading →

Blood Pumping
by Tommy Smith

Sticking to the new year motivation, I thought I would write about the importance, effectiveness, and available workouts associated with cardiovascular exercise. Cardio has been a top health regime for those looking to loose weight, improve tone, boost stamina, and… Continue Reading →

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